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  1. Dambusters! Glad to hear the name still conjures! I reckon I'll have to see about getting my stick and pedals out again some one of these days.
  2. June 11 2001 Played for GrossDeutchland for a while. Later the 17th BG and then 617 Dambusters. Haven't played for a while but I'm thinkin' it might be time to get everything hooked back up and get into the air again. WWIIOL!
  3. Jammyman! Spent a lot of time fighting with and against you sir. You will be sorely missed!
  4. Fuelpump?! There's a name I've not heard in a while... Cheers Mate!
  5. I must regretfully withdraw. I gotta work that Saturday. Sorry.
  6. Have to make sure I have the day off but tentatively, I'll take a 111.
  7. Great Video Jammy! I think I saw every hit I took. You can sure see those TTs a loong ways away!
  8. USS Neosho TT on Battleship row Crew never showed. First wave took 6-8 bomb hits Kill credit awarded to Nimrah 3 hits on Stukas, no kills Finally got a bofors and spent the next two waves potting away at anything I could see. 5 hit, no kills.
  9. Do we have any TS channels assigned?
  10. Aye aye sir!
  11. Sir. Requesting Command USS Neosho. Alt; USS Whitney. Alt; Assign as needed. Thanks.
  12. As it turns out, my flaming wreckage DID in fact hit the target. Closest I came that day.
  13. It faded from common interest... I keep meaning to finish....
  14. He is. Getting a bit creaky these days though.
  15. Ship name:USS Jarvis Type: Destroyer Crew 1: Xoomxoom Crew 2: Tzulscha Status at end:received three hits, w/no critical damage 0 kills 6 damage