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  1. I run a hobby shop here in Michigan and an older gentleman wandered in today looking for a model of a Tiger I. He didn't want to build a kit but was very interested in the 1/16th Tiger I by Tamiya (until I showed him the price tag). After chatting with him a bit I asked what he knew about Tigers and he announced that he had been in command of the 2 companies of Tigers that had fought at Kasserine pass! His name is (Maj) Gerd Lindemann, which sounded very familiar. I asked and he said "Oh you've probably heard of my uncle, Kapitan zur Zee Lindemann, Captain of the Bismarck." :shock: OMG!!!111 I love this job where history walks in off the street and talks to me! Long story short, he told a couple of stories and answered some questions and commissioned me to build a model of his Tiger I ausf E for his mantel. He said he would bring in some photos for reference and told me that if I wanted to talk history I should drop by. He is currently associated with a Military museum project we have going out at our Airport and lives locally. He seems very freindly and more than willing to talk about the war. (Possibly because he was captured with Schwere Panzerabteilung 501 on May 12 1943, so he missed Russia and all the associated horrors of the Ostfront.) If any of you guys have any questions about Tigers (he also drove PzIII and PzIV) I will make a list to ask him the next time I see him. Bear in mind that the guy is in his late eighties, has been in the States since '43 and probably won't have a lot of technical data at hand (tho you never know). (Oh, Ok, I will try to get a pic with the WWIIOL box)
  2. Dambusters! Glad to hear the name still conjures! I reckon I'll have to see about getting my stick and pedals out again some one of these days.
  3. June 11 2001 Played for GrossDeutchland for a while. Later the 17th BG and then 617 Dambusters. Haven't played for a while but I'm thinkin' it might be time to get everything hooked back up and get into the air again. WWIIOL!
  4. Jammyman! Spent a lot of time fighting with and against you sir. You will be sorely missed!
  5. Fuelpump?! There's a name I've not heard in a while... Cheers Mate!
  6. I must regretfully withdraw. I gotta work that Saturday. Sorry.
  7. Have to make sure I have the day off but tentatively, I'll take a 111.
  8. Great Video Jammy! I think I saw every hit I took. You can sure see those TTs a loong ways away!
  9. USS Neosho TT on Battleship row Crew never showed. First wave took 6-8 bomb hits Kill credit awarded to Nimrah 3 hits on Stukas, no kills Finally got a bofors and spent the next two waves potting away at anything I could see. 5 hit, no kills.
  10. Do we have any TS channels assigned?
  11. Aye aye sir!
  12. Sir. Requesting Command USS Neosho. Alt; USS Whitney. Alt; Assign as needed. Thanks.
  13. As it turns out, my flaming wreckage DID in fact hit the target. Closest I came that day.
  14. It faded from common interest... I keep meaning to finish....
  15. He is. Getting a bit creaky these days though.
  16. Ship name:USS Jarvis Type: Destroyer Crew 1: Xoomxoom Crew 2: Tzulscha Status at end:received three hits, w/no critical damage 0 kills 6 damage
  17. Requesting USS Raleigh. E-mail sent. (can't believe there is still an open cruiser! ) I will take any alternate if required.
  18. I actually DON'T have to work this week end. I'll take a Ship, looks like the Raleigh is still open, if no ship available I'll take a Stuka.
  19. Recce Drone. Right. Sometimes it helps to read the actual captions instead of just looking at the pretty pictures. Having fooled around with a few '50s era RC systems, that thing must have been 'interesting' to fly...
  20. I thought Osprey books was doing a new one on experimentals... bugger. Early cruise missile? Looks like a cross between a Snark and a Bomarc. Need to relink your first pic...
  21. Far past time I posted something in here again. I suppose if you guys wanna read it... Repairs were not too difficult and I managed to add a few more bits and pieces, mostly small stuff. Right, questions. Ewalk, sorry I haven't got back before this. Ok. Lindemann basically said that HE never actually shot anybody with a hand weapon. He said however, that before crews moved out on an attack that he and a few of his commanders would go out before dawn and scout terrain and enemy defenses. Occasionally they would run foul of pickets. Scouting Tobruk got him shot at a couple of times but they had a couple of troopers along to cover the officers. Crew weapons on a Tiger. Lindemann said he carried a P-38 and crews could pretty much use whatever they could get their hands on but the Tank came equipped with an MP-38 clipped inside the turret and both the hull and turret MGs were easily removable. As far as the 'Green Tiger' goes, Lindemann said that although his crews were authorized to camouflage their Tigers with dark grey patterns over their factory Afrika Braun paint, none of his guys bothered. So he says he never saw a 'Green Tiger'. The Bovington Tiger wears a Light Olive Green mottle pattern over Afrika Braun That being said, after Kasserine, the DAK captured quantities of American stores including Olive Drab paint. Rommel did not waste supplies and there are suggestions that some of the 501st Tigers were repainted using Olive Drab while in repair depots. Sorry, can neither 'confirm nor deny' as they say. The last time he wandered by the store he was returning from the Patton Museum which I guess has recently received a King Tiger. (Possibly the one from Aberdeen?) "Damn big chunk of steel!" I have heard tell recently that there is another Tiger Commander around here somewhere. I have not met him and I hear he is not keen about talking about his experience. Evidently he was SS and on the Russian front... Interesting how many of these guys there are around here. I built a model for a U-Boat Kapitan a few years back too, makes me wonder how many of them were POWs here and just stayed after the war. Speaking of which. I just found this.
  22. I'll take a TT there Mal. How about the Monas Isle?
  23. That was a lot of fun. I too want to see video!
  24. Update. You can do .graduate true to skip the courses.
  25. Apologies, must cancel. I have to cover Saturday, one of my guys just had a death in the family. Next time...