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  1. Followed link lfa posted as a shortcut to launch the game from desktop. When my browser showed this link i copied and pasted to my desktop, doubleclicked the icon and launched without my browser and was able to load the game with no problems. Thank you lfa!!!
  2. The link gnasche put up is working for me. Tests all came out OK. I usually time out at "handshake." I've loaded into game about 3 times. It seems it is when i have azureus running and when that is working it will let me into game. Without it running i have not been able to log in. Could be coincidence, i dont know much at all about torrents. But when it is not working the page to wwii online will not load and it gives a connection error. Been playing for 4 years mostly under my sons account ishmal. i am having withdrawals!!! Just a quick fix every now and then ugh!! Next time i can load up the game (which by the way i do not ctd) i am never logging off!!!! I know you guys are working hard to resolve this issue! I apprieciate your hard work.