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  1. That sums it up pretty good
  2. Instant CTD. No burp, no reach around, no thank you. Logged off, went to bed. I installed full installer as well. Just FYI.
  4. weee
  5. For GOD'S sake I PLAY GAMES..not program... Besides I'm too drunk to deal with this BS....fFS> FDDSK%*(&%*#@%T(U$EWIRHBnj SOMETHING IS REALLY GHEY HERE...and it ain't Moxin.
  6. ..see above...I can play for about 40 minutes..and then...I get the "You have run out of memory" crap. I'm running a sweet system...2 gigs... yadda. too drunk to spew.....what's the deal????
  8. Sorry if posted. When I toss a smoke grenade it hits the ground, doesn't smoke and then vanishes. As well, No connection to chat...CTHL....NO CHAT. Thanks...btw..great job RATS!
  10. Why the heck do my speakers always revert back to "desktop" when I apply 5.1 surround in Control Panel. I have a 5.1 surround system, but for some reason windows always reverts it back when I reboot. How do I make it stick? Thanks guys.
  11. Ok never mind....fixed it.. driver issue. Phew
  12. I get the "thermometer" thingy allt he way to the end and then it just stops. The game doesn't move forward to the selection of sides screen. WTF?? It was working fine last night...WHAT DID I DO??
  13. Thanks for your help guys... Problem fixed!! S!