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  1. I upgraded to Vista Home Premium & DX10 last night and I cant run the game at all. I disabled my firewall, reinstalled the game. I am the Admin on my computer, I also made sure to check "Run Program as Administrator". But nothing works. It starts the game and then starts to load, It gets as far as "connecting to chat" Then it closes the game down.
  2. Id save up and get a 8800 if you ever plan on upgrading to DX10. Cause nothing below that will support Dx10.
  3. Iv been gettin such crappy FPS latley. In the Air usually 15-20 fps. On the ground 10-20 fps. Its sucks... I dont have any spyware, and no virus. I have Spy Sweeper that is all updated norton 2006 wich is also full updated and do full system scans everyday. Defraged my hardrive, have wwiionline set to Windows NT compatable, Deleted my cookies and other stuff taking up space. I have a semi-good comp. I get great fps with other games such as Days of Defeat, Battlefield 2, Lock on. My hardrive has 72% free space too. P4.3ghz 800 mhz fsb 1 gig of ram Geforce fx 6600 256 mb agp Sound Blaster Audigy 4 80 gig maxtor hard drive 17 inch flat screen monitor DSL connection.
  4. I have not been able to test the online beta for the last 2 days now. It sucks because i waited a long time like everybody for it to come out and test but its gave me more headaches then anything. It has nothing to do with the beta itself its just trying to get on the server and play it. here is the problem im the only user on my comp and guest account is turned off. Now when i click on the link it takes me to a playgate auto update but since i already download the beta it takes me to the installation and runs the installation over and over like 200 times at once and does not stop it eventually locks up my computer then i restart it still shows the beta is installed and i can play it offline but for some reason playgate does not recgonize it on my system and keeps thinkin i have to install it. But i can play it just fine offline. Here is the error message i get.... Can sombody plz help me..?