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  1. If you want a little more background on how the Production team is using Creator, there's a pretty good quote from HATCH in this news update It's definitely some serious stuff!
  2. Thanks for the tips! I probably could have done better through Orlando or St Pete, but i'm just following the boss's instructions on this one! I love the history at LAL, i'm pretty well acquainted! (Without disclosing anything I shouldn't) I work pretty closely with the airport administration there on a regular basis. I actually was able to get up in the cab of the new tower on the first day it was open last year!
  3. Fair enough, I'll wave as i go by on my way through town (i'll be flying in and out of TPA)
  4. Boy do I know that feeling. I've been wanting to go for years now, and never had the chance. This year I'll be there all week for work, strange how that turns out. If anyone's going to be around, let me know and I'd love to meet up while I'm in town!
  5. Still time to contribute to the stretch goal! Help set up WWII Online for a successful future!
  6. Anyone going to Sun 'n Fun this year?
  7. Bump for the stretch goal! Let's make it happen!
  8. 37% ($3,893/$10,500) of the stretch goal! You guys are awesome! Make sure to spread the word that we're still trying to meet this important goal!
  9. The stretch goal is at 34% ($3,543/$10,500)! Good News! There's still time to contribute to the stretch goal! This is a great opportunity to not only support the game, but also show your support for our great community! Don't miss it!
  10. Keep up the good work guys! Our greatest advocates are our community! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you spread the word!
  11. Frantish Now up to 32% ($3,318/$10,500) of the stretch goal! We can do it!
  12. 28% ($2908/$10500) of the stretch goal now! Still a little bit of time left to contribute! Reaching these goals will help immensely in setting our team up to execute the 2017 Roadmap! If you have not contributed yet, please consider doing so! Every little bit you can help goes a long way!
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  14. 250 Hispana!