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  1. You can add WWII Online to Steam as a "non-Steam" game as well. That will allow you to access a lot of the Steam functions and still take advantage of the WBS.
  2. That command does not work anymore. The tutorials are mandatory.
  3. Yes, it'll all be one campaign. Steam and non-Steam alike. The only difference being how players access the server.
  4. Just thought i'd drop by and say I've seen this. Thanks. (actually saw it the other day but it's hard to break my years of forum lurking habits sometimes... )
  5. Yes, Free Play accounts are able to multi-crew. Area chat works the same no matter what vehicle/unit you're in, so text comms in a multi-crewed vehicle would work just like in a para plane, although, since you're on the ground, there's more of a chance that the enemy will be able to hear you (not that this is such a huge deal in a tank... if they're close enough to hear your area chat, they probably know you're there already ).
  6. One thing I've heard from Hatch and Scotsman repeatedly over this HE audit process is that this will work both ways in regards to air HE. Yes, the bombs will be throwing more fragments (as you can see from the screenshot), but AAA HE will also have their historical fragmentation numbers as well, meaning that it will be throwing more just like the bombs will. This is really going to make things interesting for fights around factories and airfields with all that high caliber AAA! I'd be really interested to see the new HE effect on the 40MM and larger AAA guns just for comparison's sake. As someone who enjoys flying bombers i'm sure it's going to give me more than a few brown alert moments.
  7. Yes, it will be available as a replay on Facebook, and we're recording so that we can upload to Youtube later on.
  8. Thanks @frantish!
  9. Sliced cheese? I didn't know it came in anything other than an aerosol can! ... learn something new every day...
  10. If you have some great allied screenies, send them to me, I'm happy to put them up if they're good! Heck, if you wanted, you could contribute to the Steam Community hub!
  11. In case you didn't happen to see Xoom's dev update this week. The Steam Store page and Steam Community Hub are now available. If you're a Steam user, stop by and check it out!
  12. If you want a little more background on how the Production team is using Creator, there's a pretty good quote from HATCH in this news update It's definitely some serious stuff!
  13. Thanks for the tips! I probably could have done better through Orlando or St Pete, but i'm just following the boss's instructions on this one! I love the history at LAL, i'm pretty well acquainted! (Without disclosing anything I shouldn't) I work pretty closely with the airport administration there on a regular basis. I actually was able to get up in the cab of the new tower on the first day it was open last year!
  14. Fair enough, I'll wave as i go by on my way through town (i'll be flying in and out of TPA)