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  1. Just resubscribed to wwiionline, last time i played was back in 2008. Just filled out my recruitment form for y'all.
  2. ya i used to use my 360 controller to play this it works prettier good easier on your arm then playing with a joystick ya just do what the guy said above just reset the keys to whatever you want them
  3. ya i have the same issue not the text issue but the flag i also have a ati card HD2600XT
  4. and if you can tell me your Average FPS that would be awesome no real reason just want to see what everyone has and is getting FPS wise in-game My Computer Specs: Intel Pentium 4 2.66 CPU Kingston 2.25 Gigs of RAM (2x1GB x 1x256MB) VisionTek ATi HD2600XT 512mb AGP 8.1 Catalyst Driver Get 20-35 FPS (stupid CPU )
  5. gah i figured that was the reason well hopefully i can get build a new comp for my birthday or something how many cores does this game support anyway? and does it support up to 4 cores if i got a quad core?
  6. i have the same exact card and idk how the heck your getting 80+FPS in game,are your settings on all highest besides low pop??? because i did te same thing and i only get 20-30 FPS in busy towns and 30-35fps in empty areas and bf2 i can run with high FPS but not with 4x AA and 8xAF that just brings the fps down to around 20-30 my CPU is a P4 2.6 and i have 2.25gigs of RAM is yours better than mine or something?? because thats a crazy difference for having same drivers and cards
  7. wow i cant believe its doing so well after the squad almost went extinct wayyyyyyy back in the days. you might be hearing from me soon ;D
  8. ya my freiend just bought a 20" imac with like all the upgrades n stuff but he doesnt wanna install windows onto it with bootcamp,are their any other emulators i can use besides boot camp???
  9. 20" intel imac ready for beta
  10. ive been thinking of getting a mac mini but i wanna know if wwiionline runs good or at all on it,and are you able to buy a better vid card for the mac mini because it only has a ATI 9200 32mb??
  11. two of my Aitachis(grandpa in basque) brothers were fighting in the french army during WW2 and were caught and became POWS,they each tried to escape and only one made it because the POW camp he was at was close to the border and the other was shot when he was Atachi wanted to figt too but he was 16 os e couldnt,but during the war the germans took over his town then on my dads side my grandmas brother was in the war in the USA army and died in france,dont know which battle or anything it was but i know it was around the beginning of when we came. hey if anyones knows of a website you cann find out where soldiers were buried in WW2 please post it cuz my dad and me wanna go see his grave
  12. how do you log a conversation?
  13. any more recent good movies? and what ever happened to snoops? he hasnt made one since the paratroopers were put into the game? i loved those movies and they taught me how to play the game when i first started back in 1.14/15