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  1. crs timetable server restart ----1-3 hrs 15 minutes-----1-3 hours soon----who the f#%$%^ knows shortly----1-3 hours
  2. morning guys
  3. let us know when we can try again tks
  4. Same problem here. while in boz last about 10 min screen goes black then ctd. When i log back in will not bring up persona pick on first try.
  5. its blacks out completely for about 15-20 seconds then comes back on. real annoying
  6. anybody having monitor problems with acer flat screens
  7. another problem. I sent vid card to bfg for replacement and put my older ge force 5700 in. but i just changed monitor to an acer 17 flat screen. now when in game monitor blinks off and on quite frequently. is that the monitor or something else.
  8. i agree ive sent it back to bfg thanks for help
  9. tried unloading and reloading vid drivers same results swapped monitors same results called bfg they said 350 watt psu did not have enuf 12v 13 amp rail needed 18amp swapped out with 430 watt 18 amp rail psu same results
  10. lost video card last week changed to g force 6800 gs oc from g force 6600 when i go into game can i play for about 5-10 minutes then screen goes all different colors and squiggly lines and keyboard doesnt work have to manually shut down with power button.
  11. im using time warner cable modem didnt notice any packet loss
  12. after a few minutes in game i just despawn and rtb doesnt happen all the time but getting more frequent