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  1. new update ... Well even though it looked cool I broke down and took pc apart again (removed my cool looking corsair liquid cooler and put old heat sink and fan assembly back on with the thermal paste) My temps are Better than the liquid cooler **note put an old fan off an old amd cpu it dont fit but side ways (45degree angle)*(as VID card and cpu fan/heatsink takes alota room on my micro rampage II motherboard) Yes the fan is wedged between my cpu fan and vid card My North bridge temp is now 47c and everything else MB,cpu,and SB are about 5c cooler Funny looking it is but it works EDIT point ...I was going on the geek squad authority that the NB was the Bottom heat sink and NOT the ACTUAL North bridge which as some of you have mentioned is right next to the CPU (which I added a fan to read above) Since cleaning the dust and replacing the themal past to my old cpu cooling heatsink/fan combo my temps AND adding a SMALL (dont fit atop but does @ 45 degree angle) are WAY lower I have read that the x58 (mother board I have) rampage II has a heating issue especially the North bridge ...small fan and a good cleaning has Made me stable and cool even under load and on turbo boost setting Im very amazed at what a lil OLD fan can do to keep things smooth running ...that word escape me
  2. I went to walmart last night (they dont sell thermal paste Nor did anyone know what I was talking about they did look in the hardware and paint isle) When I got home I searched my old pc parts tote and found a fan and layed the pc on the side and just layed it on top of the heatsink (I need to find a way to attach it so I can tip the pc upright again) So far ive had amazing results I dont know if the fan is blowing or sucking but the highest temp I have in the case is now the SB @ 70 the NB is running @ 67 Under load I think I will keep it like this I was going to pry the NB off last night and clean and repaste it but it seems like over kill now Thanks for all your suggestions EVERYONE support is my fav forum now to experiment with my liquid cooler (someone told me that you can overclock the i7 to 4.0 with liquid cooler im going for 5.0
  3. Im getting alert @ 85 ...and my pc is shutting down @ 100 (I guess in self defense) Im going to take the new cooling system off and while im at going to see if NB is removable (is there a way to tell ?)
  4. Bought a PC about 3 years ago (the first i7 that came out) Its made by asus It tells me my temp is Abnormal and its scaring me (its a lil pop up message) When I took the pc apart to blow it out I had dust in it and all nothing that id consider "epic hairball" I then bought a "corsair liquid cooler" and took pc apart and installed it (what a pain in the arse bios even had a fatal invasion message lmao) Ran the del set up and pc starts up fine again but I still get the message from a program called asus ai probe that says my temp is abnormal ****Btw it was saying the same TEMP for NB before the blowing the dust out and installing the Liquid cooling system I talked to the "geek squad" at best buy and they gave me some temps that are BAD ...anything over 80 starts melting stuff he said My temps are : CPU - 25 MB - 43 SB -65 NB- 88 <---- this is what has me scared (it does not have a fan atop of the heat sink BUT it IS made of nice high grade copper I know that the CPU fan in of itself is not DIRECTLY involved in cooling the "NB" but if the NEW liquid cooling system is doing a "better" job Id like to think there would be OVERALL case cooling thus lowering that "North bridge" temp to a non scary temp Also other than sticking a fan atop the heat sink of the N bridge (my Vid cards fan is above it so It might be effecting temp in a bad way) is there anyway to reduce the temp or is this not a scary temp for that NB **note with this outta the way and with this new cooling system can I overclock this I7 crazy like (if the NB temp is nothing to worry about) Or do I just buy a new pc cause somethings broke ?
  5. I do feel bad for you and your bad experiances and even though im a loyal fan of nvidia video cards ...there are some that swear by Ati I used to be an AMD fan till intel came out with the i7 ... As far as the ASUS thing ..the i7 I bought was made by asus even the case I have had ZERO issues at all with the PC Its the first pc I bought to run this game I did not have to invest 500 dollars in parts to run this game as it did so right out the box I hope you better luck in the future
  6. Thats what I did ...i7 is the first intel pc ive bought in 8 years been a solid AMD and nvidia combo since my last pent4 1.6 processer was a POS The i7 lives up to the hype ...ive seen fps peak over 300fps and lowest with 2 accounts running and age of conan with all the eye candy on @ 40 but it did not stay @ 40fps this pc usually floats around 100 fps (9 gigs of ddr3 dont hurt either) Do not be afraid if your on the fence about intel i7 when I ran that test on windows 7 (without overclocking) I was hitting 7.5 as a total score *windows vista64 score was 5.9 (I rather run vista64 though) If ya can afford it run .....dont walk x58 (rampageII asus) + i7 = overkill atm ...but like you said be prepared with something highly flexible like this bad boy
  7. I was under the impression by the wording id have to prove I was building my pc to get the oem version Thank you
  8. Im all into this ...but how do I go about it and what proof am I going to need to get windows 7 home 64bit OEM @ $104.99 ?
  9. I have a blackberry and when I go to Adobe to download flash player it asks me what my operating system is I looked everywhere on the phone and there is nothing that tells me if blackberry uses linex ,solars or windows me,2000,or xp Any clues?
  10. No hole for paper clip.... and I can hear it running so its got power After about 30 min of making noise it opened by itself I took that cd out and smashed it against the wall Thanks for the help
  11. I have a cd in my drive and it wont open ......Ive punched it took apart the face and hit the button manually When I click on my comutor it dont even show a cd drive This happend last night to it opened after a good punch ....I dont wanna punch pc anymore Any help out there ?
  12. its not windows 7 .....ive had them all 64 bit and 32 its not a lack of ram issue i have 9 gigs ddr3 I have road runner cable connection very fast and solid most of the time (99% of time) I have not has 1 mission results pending on this machine till this weekend (my time warner rr and alot of other peoples in SC and NC suffered major outtages and spikes in service) Im going to say either its totally random CRS thing or its a connection "hiccup" that causes this My guess its conncection Hiccups
  13. Im no pc wiz but ive had alot of weird problems in the past Check the fan on your vid card if it is stuck or not working .....also Ive had a pc I almost chucked in the garbage cause one (1) of the 2 fans on the power supply was not spinning due to a tiny piece of plastic missing The powersupply or pc had a saftey feature onboard that would let pc run but soon as game or a load was applied the powersupply or pc would shut down to protect itself (also had alot of weird error messages just like you) I replaced the fan and problem went away in both instances Like I said im no pc wiz but Ive had a lot of problems and what im reading from you it reminded me of my problems I hope this helped ya .....good luck
  14. I think the last few patches have it set to run ww2 on both cores not sure If I remember right running game on only one processer worked best for me 15 fps boost and alot smoother If both processers are running uncheck the box cpu 0 then alt tab back into game ** note the fps then alt tab again and try it the opposite way ** note fps Ny amd ran alot better with cpu1 checked back when the default was cpu 0 alone Hope this helps ya