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  1. hi there! it was you!? you should have had a look at the station tower! i was in.. showing you my back for a while! we (axis) had reports of fires from N side... then i saw you ... ! ;-) (1st floor of W house, no?) i like to be able to respawn when dead... but 13 min was too "easy".. i would say 20min between respawn... also , may be think about event with different "ressup" rate / side (allied 20min, axis 30 min for exemple - due to scenario or number involved...) i never used binoculars... just say the rules.. and trust people! (and throw them away if they do not follow the rules!) saw no one as sapper.... strange no? ;-) suggest: NEVER USE SAPPER for events.. allow ATG if needed (if Armor are allowed) USE ORDERS to give generic infos to players! (i logged in at 21h01 GMT +2! one minute before end of spawn time!) and i missed the briefing.. apology for that, but orders could have helped me! I still did not get the point about the radio timers... we were about to cap everything.. but no radio! and final question: were the numbers even? (X allied vs Y axis? how many were we?) had a great time.. but seems to me allies gave up a little bit early, no? Thanks to bdawgg who covered East Bridge for a while (did you killed some?)
  2. hi there! as usual, trying to sign in (i m registered and sure of my passwd!) and.. nothing happening but the "welcome page" ... and unable to sign for the event! I SHOULD BE THERE TONIGHT! hope i ll be able to ... even if i m not "signed in"! Allied side, what you want for me (3DLM 12RC, able to do any mission! but flying! ;-) ) teamspeak memorized... are we supposed to log in as registered?
  3. hi there.. my 2 cents... i have new computer (happy!) .. core2duo 4300, Nvidia 7900gt, MB asrock 945g-Dvi -> reproductible problem WAS (mean solution is here under...) you take a pz online or offline, engine on, go ahead .. and crash! (reboot!) (i used to crash it with tiger in 3d on practice...) -i doubled checked with my computers : old computer ok, new one bad and new portable bad too... nvidiaforce 94.24 was not the prob.. but REALTEK AUDIO HD was! -> get 1.67 version solve the problem! (i m with XP sp2) here is the link for realtek ACL888 and ACL880 (<- portable Fujitsu) hope it helps...
  4. Ps: Lindir, did i miss something? no photo? no link? nothinig ? (and some of us also seeking your "pdf" stats)
  5. Suggest Lindir: Have a "post in game" (using sys?) to have a "predespatch" for the players. If we can see in that post, leaders and Channels, (we were with sitasan , chan 11), incoming players can swith to corresponding (usual?) leaders... so Lindir "just have to" manage the "unusuals players"... we call that .. delegate! ;-) Also, i suggest: ALWAYS post here a topic for the incoming event, WITH THOSE (supposed?) leaders AND CHANNELS
  6. ps to lindir.. as previously mentionned, i've never been killed in action ...! once unable to spawn and once ctd before real launch (while briefing)... good hope to finaly being able to join... next time! ;-)
  7. Lindir, could you add in each briefing, or in "default" briefing, the role of the players ( oic, radio) and the way we re supposed to communicate: text channels, to be used by (section, radio, etc). ty.
  8. sorry. i do not understand CTHL... (i speak french and i did not found translation!)... but if u are using nvidia... read this
  9. Hi there i HAD a strange problem, which starts with version 1.18 if i remember well: I have a XP SP2 , P4 2.6 B , 2*512MbRam DDR 400Mhz , Nvidia 5600Fx 128Mb, playing 1280*1024 on tft screen i was spawning and after some seconds (5-15), i had a freeze then i had a screen with randow "transparent" pixels VERY annoying.. and sometime crashing (to desktop or rebooting, depending of the drivers i was using) I tried many nvidia drivers from 5x to 7x versions (i remember: 56.72 67.03 77.76, etc...) it was happening all the time! then i had one driver (i do not remember which! helas!) with NO PROB any more... worked for monthes... but a friend of mine was having exact same problem with the patch 1.19! in fact, with all drivers after 56.72 same prob, with driver 56.72, it was ok BUT all texts were crappy! that guy had VERY similar computer to mine! so i searched ... and i tried drivers again... with SAME and SAME problem. was driving me crazy! yesterday, i got THE solution (thanks to!). it s a problem with the Nvidia fx serie and the Shaders version 2.0! so now, i 'm using Nvidia 72.13 (but u could choose another one if you prefer) and i RIVATUNE it to force Pixel shader 1.4 and vertex shader 1.1 in place of 2.0! (u find that in rivatuner, drivers customize, directdraw /direct3d , shaders) hope it will help others... remember.. "some" nvidia card having problems with pixel/vertex shaders version 2.0, causing a "freeze" (memory leak?) followed by "pixels" or "Crash to desktop" or "reboot" (or it seems also sometime just some freeze periods ingame) depending of your drivers AND Graphic card used!
  10. hi and bump! I was thinking same cause my old cfml file still working with the new 19 version! sgt spoon, you inspired me (well.. your article about keymapper in fact!) a lot to make my (french) article on our site! thanx a lot for all your efforts....