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  1. Not sure if this is still an issue for anyone but since I ran to this first time today myself, decided to post how I got it solved. So, first time installing and trying to run the game on my laptop with intel HD 3000 and Nvidia GT540M, only Intel showed up on settings and the game CTD'd when launching with it. Solution: Control panel -> Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings (Global settings, for some reason couldn't get program specific to work) -> Select Nvidia gpu as preferred graphics processor (instead of auto select). Fire up WWIIOL:BE Settings and Nvidia GPU shows up instead of Intel, game runs fine and smooth as baby butt. Cpu: Intel i7 2630Q, GPU Nvidia GT540M, Nvidia drivers 285.90
  2. wockawocka: Excellent idea, be sure to pm/mail Rafter about it.
  3. The servers need more RAM. Can't re-sub before they download more.
  4. I have been using a gamepad controller for some time now and I gotta say it is good after you get used to it. Well, if you haven't had joystick before it won't probably be any bigger issue than learning to use joystick either. Earlier I had some cheap Logitech controller, don't recommend that at all. Yesterday I bought XBOX 360 controller and it works like a charm. You have pretty much everything you need for flying, even free look (think of track ir) and with just 40 bucks or so. I don't think I'm going back to joystick anymore...
  5. Yep, great read, had to skip some stuff tho. Hope Mr. Lindemann is still alive and well?
  6. Asus A8J Core2Duo 7200 2GHz 1Gb RAM Ati Mobility X1700 Runs nicely. Now if I found out how to turn the touchpad off while playing
  7. My clips at youtube: (ww2ol Mythbusting part 1) (ww2ol Mythbusting part 2) (Moottori doing levitation with a Spitfire) If you want some of those for download I can arrange it. PM me if interested, I probably won't remember to check this thread :/
  8. I think so. I have payed the 19,99 for download and first 30 days but after that just three times the yearly payment, and that was when it was just 99,99 per year. Next payment is up to somewhere January 2008. I would say excellent value for the price
  9. go to the and select manage your account from left hand menu, log in and select subscription, somewhere there should be option to modify your payment plan so you can change it to 129,99$ per year or something like that. So you have to pay that total once a year, or you can also become gold builder for just 1000$ and only have to pay that once for lifetime
  10. Thats from That Dev tracker can be your friend sometimes
  11. Hahaha, nicely put btw hoops and yoyo kicks a$$!
  12. Btw, wasn't the event again at 19:00 GMT and registration started 18:00 GMT? I think you should just stick to posting Paris time and London time
  13. Nice film. Dont know if was meant as it is, but it looks like the same sequense of firefight between Wildspy and Konstant starts from about 7 minutes, and then again at 7min40sec. Could be just my eyes tho
  14. Great event again, my second one. Stayed alive through it as squad 3 XO and with even 2 kills, got to say I'm happy. I specially liked the nightfighting in the forest, that was intense. S! to all that participated on both sides...