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  1. I would revive this one if there was more interest.
  2. Just wondering if this squad was still active?
  3. I think TOE and a brigade system is inherit to most war games but I do think it needs tweaking. 5. Please do not duplicate ideas, instead post your support in the current thread. I support a modification of this idea. 6. Ideas should be posted in detail Hexagon based movement. So X time per terrain, quicker following a road, slower for infantry based units. Brigades can occupy towns or open ground. If town, traditional AB, no stacking unless more than one AB (posted elsewhere). If they occupy open ground they create their own FB with supply tents. If blown they get bounced back to previous location or town. It would make for interesting FB fights. If parked by a river, bridge creation by engineers and trucks present. Once formation across, bridge removed. Bridge bombed normally or sapped. If crossing open water, trucks and engineers create "bridge FB" or bridgehead allowing formation to be deployed. Of course it can be sapped/bombed/repaired. Air formations could move the same way maybe allowing airfields much closer to the action or at their peri? That would be labour intensive for air/naval units if you wanted it that way or movement remained in "auto" mode in the traditional sense. Allow brigades to move by train, server controlled on a schedule. This would allow movement all over the map, make it fluid and flexible. HC would be even more important and instead of drooling over the map the movement rules would be more interactive. 6a. How does the idea work? Time based movement on terrain type or method of movement. Mechanized/armoured plus roads faster. Trains farther. Engineers and trucks for crossings, air bases or jetties for naval units. No stacking of brigades unless AB = brigades. Supply traced to HQ, HQ to factory as tradition is. To choke a brigade it would have to be completely surrounded. The Germans moved quite a bit of stuff through the Falaise Gap. 6b. How does it affect game mechanics? AOs would still be needed to occupy ground already occupied by another enemy brigade. I would contend that a limited garrison would be present from the HQ to the formations source factory. This would be to keep law and order, guard against partisans, enemy paradrops, and just the general lag of logistics vs movement of a formation. 6c. What is the intended goal of your idea? Simply movement, eliminate soft capping where there would always be a formation. Would you think that the Germans would ever leave Verdun empty after occupying it? People may frown at such old school hex based ideas. It's worked for so many paper based and large computer games (War in the Pacific, Gary Grigsbys War In The East). A hexagon is a versatile shape and allows great movement. More fluid and easier to understand movement of brigades is important. Hope this is the right way to put it forward.
  4. Also concur. I may make a separate suggestion at the risk of getting flamed. Convert entire map to hexagon based. Brigades can go anywhere, except the water. If there isn't an AB, it creates its on FB. No stacking of brigades. Same rules to trace its supply back to a factory or HQ and in turn from HQ to factory. There should be a garrison in all the towns from frontline to factory source. Formations traditionally had a supply line going from the front line back to a supply source and had it garrisoned. There were even formations designated to hunt and guard against partisans or saboteurs. Edit: I'm not advocating removing brigades or TOE, just augmenting it. Numbers and equipment can vary depending on which brigade is tracing its supply?
  5. Love this suggestion.
  6. I got some display to work but not the way it used to. I'm still tinkering with the code so I will have to get back.
  7. There are other versions out or out not that long ago, G510 etc, that have a good display. It is useful for a few things, clock, countdown timer, media display, pop3 display etc. After I posted this I saw someone who came up with a basic display on last kills. I have the link on my pc but not here on my tablet. Drawback is it only displays last 3 kills/deaths. Previous to the stats revamp you could see what you were and what you got - ie knocking Stuka / name stu. Hope the is more development on this. It's a useful keyboard. I even use it to see who is talking on team speak without having a screen overlay.
  8. With all thats been updated, including stats, has anyone managed to get a mod to work lately, with the Logitech G15 keyboard (and other variants of that keyboard)? Typically, the code that would display would call upon such code as: "" where the pid was your name basically. Now, not being a programmer Ive not a clue as to how the stats are called upon and displayed. Im sure there are plenty of players out there with similar keyboards that would love to see stats as they happen, such as who killed you last, the last 5 kills, etc. Its those fun little stats that would create the rivalry (cant believe the same guy got me x times in a row etc). Thoughts - suggestions - hopes?
  9. Well, I feel stupid. That certainly worked. Funny though, I don't remember reversing the setting.
  10. When I push on the joystick it goes up, pull back it goes down. Not sure what happened. I played late 2014 and it was ok. Tried to get back in the game to fly, drive etc and its reversed. Anyway to have that box checkmarked where it reverses Y axis?
  11. A well-organized and fun oriented group of players to play with.
  12. Thank you for the opportunity to have some fun with your group. I don't promise to dazzle and amaze, just to play.
  13. What happened to the 42nd Jager-Division? Is that one still around?
  14. R 071605z sep 13 FM CO 3FJR co 3fjr TO LEADERS INFO BGE PLAYERS BT UNCLAS Subj: Leadership Positions Openings 1. Recent shake-up has opened positions for the fol: XO Operations Officer (COMBAT OFFICER) Combat Chief 2. If you feel you have what it takes to move 3fjr to the next level in zone of control fighting. Contact me in game or pm me in the forums 3. Dont fool yourself, were still here. We have a forum and that's it because its more important to play than spend all day talking. BT NNNN #0010
  15. Your website is inactive.