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  1. Getting in a setting one 1k-7m out is easy. It's controlling the flood gates that's hard. You can just simply not advertise your mission, but someone will still find it, spawn in and set off EWS before AO even gets dropped. This is why I think hiding missions or making them private would be nice - at least until your ready to unleash the horde. Last night I had to defend a FMS at Eghezze for about 15min before the AO dropped becasue EWS was set off to early. Luckily HC was coordinating with other players and we had 3 other FMS in the works. This is both true and not true. The defender always needs to find the FMS and neutralize it - how else do you think they get taken down. Go out, find it, camp it, or blow it. However, Attackers also need to move FMS, not always but if things are gong well and the attacks are progressing - nothing wrong with moving it closer.
  2. I don't fly much, it's never really been my thing. But every so often i'll go LW and fly a few sorties. So my 2 cents regarding the LW situation these days in numbers. If your lone wolfing your chances of surviving are pretty damn low. If you fly with a couple others you MIGHT be safe. This is why the loss of most of our LW squads is sad...becasue unless there is coordination and you have the safety in numbers...odd's are your getting jumped by 2-3 spits. However, I still believe that the LW game would be a bit more successful if players coordinated their air game. $miss LW missions get 3-4 fighters on an AF and take off together. No matter whatever advantages or disadvantages Allied planes have over Axis - at least you got some back up.
  3. Windhund + others had a solid panzer column last night on Tienen. Was it this big - nope. Just as cool and fun - yep. It's all about perspective. WWIIOnline may not be at be as big as it was, and maybe not as fun for some if us older players. However, theres still plenty of fun to be had and the experience will only get better with time. Windhund had a few new players roll with us last night and they had a blast. Perspective.
  4. Here they are...
  5. Yeah, no it wouldn't go on all infantry. This type of outfit would be more reserved for panzergrenadier units, maybe late tier. Snipers with this outfit would be great.
  6. What brand of potato was this recorded on? In all seriousness - I hope we can see this again, rolling armour groups like that was a blast.
  7. Would it be possible to use the FJ smocks on regular infantry? Basically the para infantry model, minus the harness, and the parachute - with an m35 helmet and feldgrau pants. I believe its already been modeled the opposite way with camo pants and feldgrau top + camo helmet. Here's an example
  8. Capping CP's is the fastest way to gain xp. The more you do associated with capping (like killing people in the CP) the more points you pile on. Defending CP's will also get you points, especially if your killing EI while inside. Spawning an AA or AT gun and shooting downs planes/ killing tanks is also a sure fire way of getting some fast points as well.
  9. I looked around in the bargin bin - didn't find anything good. Just a bunch of these things
  10. Ah, you want to check for steam. Ok - so apparently you can check by Log into Steam and click on Account Details.Look for the link Manage Subscriptions on the right side of the page and click it. There should be a "WWIIOnline" in there, and you should be able to check if your subscribed. That is also how you edit, and cancel if my information is correct.
  11. Welcome @kurded If I understand you right you have bought premium for 2 different accounts? One on steam and one off? You should have received an email saying your premium accounts are activated. If not you can check through this link.
  12. A SPECIAL EVENT HALLELUJAH !!!! Put me as a CO or XO of either Panzer group.
  13. I'd love a topographical map. We could even use the MGRS.
  14. I think this would be a cool idea. For example, lets say an infantry manages to get 50 kills without a death. They would become a HVT for a bounty. Or lets say for pilots, they get 10 aerial kills without a death. They then become a HVT. You could do the same with tanks and boats. Once you reach a certain number of kills you become an Infantry, Aerial, Tank or Naval Ace. You could let players know this on the community achievements page. For example "bmw2 has reached infantry ace" then when someone kills me "______ has killed infantry ace bmw2" and for that they get maybe a points bonus or something.
  15. Exploded is an understatement.