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  1. It's fixed but not entirely, most times it's fine. But yesterday I shot a Frenchy yesterday in Virton becasue his legs where clipped through a wall. I'm sure he was pissed. However, the lean feature is amazing and I'd love to have it back if it functioned properly.
  2. A jump feature would be useless. There's nothing for you to even jump over at a "realistic jump height." Maybe sand bags or the occasional sheep. A vault feature would be more useful, but then you have people vaulting out of second story windows to avoid the inevitable stairway battles. If anything we should get a LEAN feature, or be able to shoot from cover or something.
  3. Yeah, I'm aware of this - I guess its kind of useful. Floating is good. Helping both sides is great if/when they need it (if your not a dedicated side player.) However, people jumping ship when times get tough is super annoying. I think a temporary side lock would help this situation.
  4. Maybe I'm making this up - but didn't there use to be some kind of side lock? A problem I have seen with the advent of steam is mass side switches when things get tough. It's happened to both sides when the first inkling of defeat appears. The days of dedicated side players/ floaters seem to be coming to an end, when the masses of new players only decide to play the winning side. It explains the over-pop when one side is winning, and when supply starts running out. Then again, I don't want to say to new players "your stuck here forever" becasue I'm sure that would discourage game play when one side is on the ropes. But maybe - if there wasn't one before - a side lock is needed. Maybe not for the whole campaign, but for like 24-48 hrs after you pick a side?
  5. The maps are lasting like a week at us no time to climb the tier latter. I like starting at tier 0 - I don't like when the maps ends so fast that we never get to move up in tiers. This is not a bad idea.
  6. Axis gets a new 88 model...which looks pretty sweet. However, I agree an overhaul for the AA system on both sides is needed. But I think it takes a backseat - there's other stuff they need to work on first.
  7. Me watching this thread go up in flames.
  8. Come on to the forums to find when the campaign starts, duh. It was also in discord. One thing I could think of, which (idk if they do or not) is post the start, end, intermission & special events information in the steam WWIIONLINE discussion pages. That way the steam folks who subscribe to the game get alerts to new content on the discussion boards. People who also simply have it in their steam library can see it too (if they click on the game.)
  9. This thread...
  10. Historically the Grease gun fired a .45 ( 30 rnd mag) round with an effective fire range of about 100 yards, with it's sight system. It fired 450 rpm. The .45 round has more stopping power, but also kicked more. However, the kick isn't that severe. Grease gun entered service in 1943. The Mp34 fired a 9x19 Luger round (20 or 30 rnd mag) and had an effective range of about 150-220 yards (but lets be real and also call it 100 yards.) It fired 600 rpm. So if fired faster, had less of a kick, but also had less stopping power. Was in wide service in 1938 - but was phased out around 1940 with the creating of the mp40. I would personally say, an effective range for both guns would be 100 yards. Grease gun has better damage, but fires slower. This allows firing in shorter bursts, which gives it greater accuracy. The MP34, does less damage, but fires faster. This does not allow for shorter bursts, which would make it less accurate at range. However, it should also be noted, both can fire in semi-automatic as well. This i believe would level the playing field as far as range and accuracy - but the Grease gun would still do more damage.
  11. You get to spawn in the action with your squad-mates and you get squad chat to coordinate with you squad-mates, and you get your tag. Other than these basic things you don't get all that much. I think for right now that works. If i'm not in discord, i use the chat to find everyone, and spawn off their missions. Squad rank, PPO's and uniforms would be sweet. But for right now we have a basic system that works - the future can certainly be promising.
  12. Don't tell Merlin you cant hit the broadside of a barn with an mp34/40...he'll get you with all his archival footage and stats.
  13. Anyone happen to know if they use Client-side or Server-side hit detection? Either way it's a problem when there's high pop big battles, with high latency players.
  14. Vee are komming , get ready for the blitz! Campaign 142
  15. Some nice material here haha. I remember there use to be a video on the Axis HC page, it was a luftwaffe video - wish I could relocate it. Also use to be a good one with the "Rock you like a hurricane" soundtrack. Those videos were gold. Then there's this one...nearly brought me to tears.