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  1. Don't buy Alienware at all....its a waste of money. I can build a better PC than Alienwares best PC for probably $1000 less. A < $1k rig new could easily run this game, and several newer games no problem depending where you put your money.
  2. I need an explanation of how this is possible. Also how can you run that many clients? Can you even run 2 on the same PC. I've never tried.
  3. Wow, your right. Can't believe I didn't know that until now. That alone is worth the builders price. Time to upgrade.
  4. Hold up... you get a free towing account with a builders subscription? Or are you screwing with us?
  5. Although the reviews on steam are between "mixed" and "mostly negative" they are to be taken with a grain of salt. Considering most of them hardly have enough hours clocked to write a review. The other complaints you'll see are about the subscriptions and it not actually being "free" so to speak, the graphics and the complexity. I believe CRS can improve on 2 of these things over time. However, over all I think it was a success in terms of getting the game out there, and getting new players on board. Now it's up to us to teach new players and CRS to improve on aspects of the game. Player base spiked at first - but the spike has died down, which is to be expected. However, there are certainly more players than before.
  6. I think the night now is just a bit TOO bright. I think we could go a little darker. Throw in tracers anyway for the fun on it!
  7. I know a couple of Tactical Realism Units / MILSIM Units that are pretty excited for this game. So there will be some good orginized units in this game right off the bat. It certainly looks pretty cool. However, I never keep my hopes up until I see some in depth game-play and Early Access on steam. Then you need to pray they don't get lazy after Early Access.
  8. Can we get more of these? Why haven't we seen any since Steam Launch? Who sets them up?
  9. Yeah, issues with the game past and present's also how you go about getting members. Like I said, people just wanna play and have good time. So if its too serious, or you're asking to much of them (weather you think it or not) they wont stick around. The current ability in game for squad-less players to "Join" squads on the persona alright...just alright. It does its job of getting new players into squads, so the real squad members can try to pull from them. However, it's hardly successful unless you get them in discord. Discord or TS is the key to well as overall squad activity in during high pop times. "Squad nights still drew huge crowds and there were great battles." @major0noob Also this...another issue is that THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE community events. Organized events makes for awesome game play. Awesome game play makes for higher game pop. Higher game pop makes a good game. A good game draws new players.
  10. These days I've noticed Sqauds need to be VERY simple. People don't have time for all the crap. They just want to play a game with a group and have fun. I tend to see that people don't even have time for squad forums anymore, they don't want to create a new account and put in an app. Find em in game, try and get them in discord. That's the first step. If you cant rope them in with that they probably wont stick around. This game is much more fun in discord, while working together. However, some aren't up for it I guess.
  11. Look what happens when he plays Allied for a map...
  12. I can get behind this. I love the 88 with the shield....and since our 88's are used for AT and not AA they should have shields. Also the truck idea is interesting. Maybe be able to spawn a truck, with a different designation. Like its an Opel, but titles " AT Opel" or something. You should be able to drive a certain distance to target like the FMS then use the "Z" key to cycle through which AT gun they want to spawn as. Wait for the timer, then once the At is set you despawn and respawn to your AT like an MS.
  13. Push Speed... The amount of times I've thought " goddamn [censored] is so slow...I should get a second account to tow." I think that's what they want
  14. PUBG is extremely popular due to the hype train it generated. Games like Day Z & H1Z1 captured a HUGE audience when they were new. However over time people fell out of touch with them because they were never improved and took FOREVER to come out of early access. People essentially moved on, until PUBG was announced. The hype train was HUGE. They took what DayZ and H1Z1 did and made it better - only in a battle royal setting. Once the game hit early access, it became immensely popular, and even more so when Twitch Streamers picked it up and dedicated all their time to it. Huge names in the Twitch community played it non stop, and still do. Some of them with millions of fans. With the constant streaming, and constant talk about the games ability to be fun even though it was essentially the same thing over and over again - it took off. Its now out of EA and just recently hit 3 MILLION concurrent players. Problem with WWIIONLINE is that it's 16 years old - the hype train is GONE. The chance the Rats had to revive it with the Steam release - was only semi successful and now the game carries a mostly negative review which keeps people away. No one wants to pay a sub, no one wanted to deal with the intense learning curve or the training, and people dislike the extremely dated graphics. So where do we go from here?