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  1. Been a while. Hows the gamme these days. Was thinking of getting a new PC near Christmas. Gonna top that Sniper, ATR, Bomber rank again maybe
  2. Would you like a stonger black line set?
  3. Are you hitting save button?
  4. Well hopefully CRS will see sense and make a mid rank pay plan that gives some more stuff like mid tanks, ATR, LMG or a micro transaction that gives time limited premium access. Either way its good for players to see what this unit is capable of and know what to expect when spawning a scout car and being on the receiving end. Also note the Sdkfz232 guide at the end. You could play for years before you figure that stuff out. Im giving away and I aint even charging .
  5. I'll rehost them later on another site, they must have hotlink testrictions. The links below the images still working
  7. Below You Will Find Axis armour ATR (Boys rifle) Guide Current to V1.34.9 (Single pass testing but 90% good) Allied French armour ATR (Pzb39 rifle) Guide Current to V1.34.9 (100% effective, learn it and you WILL top ATR stats, just below me ) Allied UK armour ATR (Pzb39 rifle) Guide Current to V1.34.9 (100% effective, learn it and you WILL top ATR stats) Allied armour ATR satchel-charge Guide Current to V1.32 (one or two spots changed but still extremely useful) Sdkfz232 Armoured-Car tank killing Guide Current to V1.34.9 (232 can kill a lot more than people think if you are sneaky in it) I will answer any questions on guides here. There is no axis sapper guide currently, you can try Parasits one here. PRINT ALL ON A4 PAPER, KEEP BY SIDE
  8. Tons of posts in this thread about the E5200. You should try for a nice easy 3 to 3.2GHz. The HD Radeon. The Nvidia card isnt very good. Also go into setting for WWIIOL on both computers and set these. Connection->Vis Player Limit=MEDIUM Effects->Disable=ALL OF THEM & radial clutter to MINIMUM Shadows=LOW Infantry->Leave Corpses=DISABLED & Infantry detail=MINIMUM
  9. Power per £ just isnt very good with laptops. Would you not consider building a gaming rig?
  10. Overclock those E5200s to at least 3ghz. Easy and stable on stock air cooling. You should get easy overclocks from the vcards too with a good manual fan profile. Overall 20% should be doable and stable.
  11. Login data no longer appears to be stored in lg.dat file. CRS need to know where last login is held so the script can work. Correction: playgate seems to be saving login data to "Battleground Europe TEST" folder instead of main instance. You might want to look at that.