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  1. Would be interesting My only 'demand' (lol) would be that the occupier of the 'unit' has to be realistic to take out. i.e you can snipe the gunner. He doesn't all of a sudden become invincible to rifle/smg fire whilst still appearing as a squishie
  2. Hi guys, and thank you RATS for the welcome back programme! I Started out in 03-04 thanks to my brother vzed1 Think I was last subbed at the beginning of the year, cant remember now. Iv been on and off the past 4 years since my son was born. I was a proud member of the Allied only 40Commando squad since 04. Unfortunately it looks like our time has finally come and we no longer exist gutted. I'm glad to see the games still going. Its the precious memories that keep bringing me back! If I could just offer some advice to the dev team. It only took a number of minutes back in the game to see some new bugs. i.e hits not bring visually registered even though at point blank range, and then all of a sudden the ei disappears. Iv seen this quite a bit in the few hours iv been on now. These are real game killers and should be your highest priorities IMO. See you all in the land sea and skies! S!
  3. I can live with the current accuracy, but just make it realistic to take out. 2-3 rifle rounds to the head would be better than the current 50 rifle rounds or grenades.
  4. iv posted quite a bit over the years on how much i hate the inf AI. I still think its review is overdue. S!
  5. cool, so any idea of commands?
  6. How do you go about changing the in game squad tab details.. i.e Squad URL?
  7. Just wanna say thanks and good work sorting out the recent billing/subscription issues. S!
  8. Good stuff. Nice1
  9. I appreciate its a toll on rats to sort these things out, but some of us you only have a couple nights a week to play this game and is very disappointing when something throws a spanner in your works..
  10. just logged on same here
  11. Interesting idea m8
  12. nvm router reboot sorted it
  13. keep getting "Timed out performing network selection". My internet is fine btw.. Any ideas?