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  1. GREAT really Thanks
  2. 91.33 here can download:
  3. Used NOD32 ist great and verry poor recurses use. Update automaticaly and fast. Great antivirus.
  4. Yes i use 91.28 and have horrible fps but really really horrible, back to 84.21 and allright.
  5. Yes i know but think thats no the cuestion couse i have a 7600gt than this new polygons no must be a problem for this card. And we are in version 1235, if we are inversion 1.5 or even 1.3 i think ok ok the problem is that is a very update version but that isnt. And im not along there are many mat8 have the same problem with very new computer we have low fps that is no normal if we comparing with other games with much more effect that the have best fps.
  6. >Yes i know i want try this in offline mode. If in offline the game go fine must go more or less fien online the problem its the game work bad in offline low fps think online? poor but if in old version run offline well better than new version there something wrong in new version .
  7. Bloo a little confusion or u drink too beer.... Now seriously. I no comparing 9000 with 7600 and ofcourse no coparing old computer with new. New computer es much more great than old but in my old computer game run more or less good for the hardware and the graphic, and now only 2 version after in my new computer the game dont work so great like it must. I think that in old version of teh game the game in my new copmuter run well a mush more great than my old this demostrate than new patch its no fixed than old version. And if work idem like new version demostrate my computer have a problem Thanks for ur help mat8s
  8. now in job later put dxdiag. But in ftp theres no previous version only the previous actualization there´s no wwii0001200 or similar only wwii0001234, before post i saw in ftp.
  9. yes i´m not going crazy this is for one good reason. I have low fps in my new computer, and in my old computer y play with realtive good fps for the machine a mobile petium 1,4 1,256 ram and one ati mobility 9000. I thought than my new computer i have much more fps and much more resolution but %&%$·""$%&&%$·$%% no way. I´m not the only guy and talk with other mat8 with similar problem they give me one idea (thanks deimos) if i ould try with old version y can check if the problem is from de game (it is no fix in this version) or its my computer problem. Can somoe one say me how can i take this i need last version before 1.23. Its some RATs can put it in fpt please. Thanks for ur help.
  10. Wellcome to the Club i have the same equip more or less and have the same problem. Can u see in offline? and its the same? SOme guy say u yor problem its graphic card but i think so i have a 7600GT and have same problem. This agme need be fixed after last patch.
  11. FASTER PROCESSOR THAN 3000?? We are all crazy how can one game with no last effect need lot of ram a new cpu every patch and of course new Graphic card but no medium graphic card the last but dont worry in next patch u must change. Its in amazing really really dont understand. In a few patch we need NASA computer to play?
  12. Ziporama what do u say? u say that thsi game need more CPU and more Graphic card like FEAR (for example) dont understand. What do u explain this? Y have new computer lees than 1 month dual core 2,6 1 ghz ram and 7600GT with 256 mb abd game run about 23 to 65 fps 23 in city and 65 some time in OFFLINE. Allways the same new pacth less FPS this must be the very first priority for CRS y thinking to renew my subscription to builder program but if in a few month cant play why do i this? this fps low ist the dead of this game.
  13. Thinklike deimos, i have 7600GT too and geme dont work soo good mustbe. Thsi game no use graphic card (in game offline ) graphic card temp show only 52 º C... :-(
  14. I have the same problem the resolution and the effect dont seen çm have effect in my FPS its soo extrange. Well y have a USB muse sound card i try to change this but i thing this is not the problem.
  15. No way jose y have dual core cpu 2,6 and checek windows administrtor and cpu used 50% one core high one core a little. ANd check temp of graphic card 7600GT and is 52 º C to low for a game it smean this game no use graphic card option WHAT IS POSIBLE? DOnt under stand and u can say me thsi ganme need more cpu and new gamers like FEAR QUAKE 4 and no too new like COD 2 how con u explin thsi games in high resoultion and high effect can play 60 or 70 fps and this game with very less effect can play only in offline 23 to 60 fps meanwhile i see?