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  1. fxckin retards wrote poor code and screwed up logging in the game , I am having the same problem, it just wants to keep loading the new patch when ever I log in. They have no fix and will not respond with an answer since they dony know what happened with the software'
  2. I downloaded both and still unable to log in I get a black screen with the mouse postioned in the upper left corner and then the program dies and tops everything else on the computer unitl I open task manager and see that is is not responding. What's the fix
  3. Why the return of a know gig? As you enter the game screen to select team the mouse freezes and your unable to game with 1.3xx patch.... Why bring back a known fault? How do we fix this one?
  4. Since I loaded the new game, the mouse no longer works, cannot log into the game.
  5. Add my name as flak gunner Ithuriel
  6. I have a connection problem. I cannot sing into the game 99% of the time the last three days, and when I do, it freezes. I cannot use the player support pages to report the problem. I tried calling by telephone, but the answering service said to send an email to;(which is not a working email address, think you should offer a better solution to communicate). Nothing has changed at my two homes cable modems and the systems appear to be the same. I have had my line tested by time warner, they stated that is where the problem lies. I also ping tested and it times out.