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  1. jeez caber your must be the bumper
  2. same here, picture freezes and i have to shut down computer. doesnt seem to matter what im doing, friving a truck, manning an atg, picture freezes no sound. has happened 3 times since patch.
  3. i have two accounts, reason why? my family kept playing my guy, so i bought another account so the would leave my guy alone. makes perfect sense to me and now my wife plays more than me, although she plays more frenchie yhen british, wich is ok i guess. keeps harmony on the family side. too many people think that if you have more than one account your cheating, that seems unreasonable to me. S! all
  4. im having the same problem at game load screen when it gets to authorizing it sends me back to the wwii screen. it also wont let me play offline, same thing happens, HELP PLEASE