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  1. Xoom said they where balanced and at one point the Allies has lightly more.
  2. Its never just one point Yunge, each tank is different, but as a rule or thumb, if its an axis tank you are facing aim for the turret front right, If its an Allied tank then there is no one place to as each tank is very different, most people will go the training server with a mate and star shooting each other in different spots with different weapons to find points of value. The sapper guides are a good start, and will show you locations of ammo and Fuel tanks but most of these will be side areas only. My only other advice i can give if you wan to star tanking is to make sure you use your commander as much as possible and avoid head on fights with other tanks if you can help it, Knowing what the unit you are using is capable of vs the tank you can see coming at you will determine what action you need to take, some times running away or avoiding the other guy is the smart move.
  3. Yep that's point im making and slack given, its far from easy when you have done it before let alone when its a new experiance. Imo next time it would be easier to organist into a correct style fire team/Kampfgroup which are a mixed unit of all elements, inf, tanks, atgs, support, air. Rather than the one unit of tanks one unit of support, one unit of air. much simpler from a command tactical level that way as you can all work as a group and feel inclusive involved in a battle, from a strategic point of view its easier as you can pick a town and set a direction for each battle group/fireteam/KG and let the current hc do there thing they currently know well.
  4. The most glaring issue to me was a lack of experienced players who know how to run and plan and lead opps that big with dedicated elements in play and a large command structure, the current HC members lack exposure to this type of leadership so either its something we have to do more regularly so current hc learn or the players with the skills need to lead the ops if they are here or come back if they have left the game, it worked from a big battles point of view but that was the limit and it highlighted how far the player leadership has fallen away from the tactical battle level into the more strategic level. On the plus side i had a blast leading a tank KG again brought back some great memory's and times, best action was blowing locking Ant fbs in co-op with a Inf KG working closely with us. BB has a short video some where of the last part of the fb suppress.
  5. Agree with this.
  6. If the game had started in t0 the green tags would still get the same treatment, in t0 they would get what the p2 vicky 38t r35 vs stugs and s35s, Chars and the Matty, not a very welcoming feeling either, besides Erasmo and Mos are correct t2 and 3 is where the equipment starts to have pull as its what people know.
  7. Best joystick i ever had, but i wore out, no idea how you can get it working in game sorry.
  8. Wooot, i didn't realize it was you, i was talking to you the other night as well, well I'm very happy to know you are fine and dandy and have fond memorys of our time in ww2 together back in the PL days, are you still in touch with Soldat?
  9. For real? If true that's great news, who told you?
  10. Death to flags ASAP
  11. Drac have you checked there is a sound card selected in the ww2ol settings?
  12. You guys need to pack this in now, show me a video of any one running and reloading a weapon and easily for that matter. I'm all for a change but it should effect ALL weapons not just the mg34, anything less is just side bias bs!
  13. Have to agree this is exactly what i was reading as well, some people but very few where talking about the running/shooting ability but this normally came after it was clear it could be fired from the hip, people need to stop nit picking, every weapon is able to be fired while moving/running around like Usain bolt.