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  1. Sort of its split into tiers, so T0 loosely tied to a year 1940 is Germany vs France/UK ,T1 is 1941 is same, T2 1942 same, T3 1943 same sometimes this can be when the American forces enter so its France, Uk and USA in fact now i come to think of it i think they always come in at T3 now.
  2. Spot on and better than i could put it! @XOOMi understand the whys and hows and the debate here seems to be, town based or not town based, that's what im reading along with we need it back asap, my concern is that the pause is in fact a rethink in the application of town supply, a rethink. If i read the CEO talk correctly then its just a pause then back onto 1.36 and town based supply we all remember with the numbers the game needs. While you are thinking of other ideas couldn't you just fill every town with a flag, once it taken its routed to training, if the town is retaken then a flag can be moved back in from the routed pool? no more than one flag per town at a time and they are fixed to the towns cant move 25000000 year move timers unless the origin is training?
  3. is this even still up for debate? i thought it was a 100% we are going back to town based supply, or have i missed the memo saying we changed out mind?
  4. Had to laugh that last line was funny!
  5. I have only been back a few days and frankly this news is devastating, I'm not clear if this is a complete reversal or just a pause can i get some clarification please? Going back to town based supply is critical to the game getting back to what made it good and popular, a full pause and reversal would be a very bad move. Im already shocked at how poor the game play has become with the new fortress FRU, i cant understand the logic behind there introduction, they took a good step removing inf placed FRU which created spawn points anywhere and everywhere, and recreated the front line and ability for units to move and flank, this was then reversed with the introduction of the new FRU, which recreated this FRU's everywhere and random spawns all over the place, battles are back to head to head slug outs, you are forced to sit at the edge of towns and just shoot, no freedom of movement at all. But that is for another topic i need to start. My point is there is a worrying trend developing that the Rats fix something for the better or plan to then either change that effect for the worse or pull back from doing what they said they would.
  6. Brave German Soldaten fighting on with legs missing, must be a last ditch defense of a medical unit
  7. Apart from one shot from a tank and they are gone. out of all of the changes i think the little ammo crates are going to be the big changers although finding them as a player who didn't pop it down is going to be very hard
  8. The Pak 36 can do the job but the Pak 38 would bring balance with with its introduction into t0, a reduction in 88s would need to follow and the Pak 38 should be in very small numbers. On the flip side the Brits would then need to get the Matty numbers lifted back up to 2-3 from the current 1 per flag. The Pak 38 intro should only be in place until a more appropriate weapon can be added to the game, the Czech 47mm gun has been talked about in the forums for a while.
  9. Congrats 250H, You are Axis legends and are always at the cutting edge of battles.
  10. Yeah first thing i tried.
  11. This is on headphones, no idea what matrixing is but i don't see that option on my sound card.
  12. I believe so yes Yes N ot sure Just done that again will retest.
  13. I believe so yes Yes Not sure
  14. I seem to have lost audio direction, seems like i can only hear two directions, front to left 180 then right to 180, i use to be able to move my commander in game and get a direction from the sounds. I'm just installing the DX again, i have checked all my sound card options and they look fine, not sure if this just happen or its been this way a while, didn't there use to be a surround sound option via the games settings?