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  1. Very sad news indeed, can only echo what Krazy said the squad challenge competitions were some of the best game play i had in this game. He will be greatly missed by all. RIP
  2. Sure people will always leave when they imagine they are getting shafted by the game makers, how many left when the Axis thought the same thing it sure wasn't a few dozen i can tell you that. Allies didn't get nerfed they got audited by either bringing numbers up or down on equipment, adding new gear triads, and making t3 less of an American gang bang, and making the Axis side more appealing, the old joke use to be when the Americans came in the Axis lost so we had to win before t3, how ironic the allies now say the same thing.. Your stats again only show you fraction of the bigger picture and like normal you use it to formulate your whole why/who/how, sure the TOM might be the same or as near as but you are not seeing when that pop is on, you could and i know this is the case see times when its 100 vs 20 and towns fall at a very fast rate, you can even check this, it also means that when the pop evens out you are not taking towns back, pop rules not equipment, besides both 7 days campaigns have been won in t0 clearly a tier the allies as is well know the allies are strongest in. Other Issues might be a lack of skilled hc they have the greatest impact of all but being a champion of the current TOE crap im sure you will point out it cant be a HC issue. Besides the fact right now skill levels are all over the place every vet playing is worth 5 to 10 green tags so your pop might be all green running around between towns.
  3. Your link between Allied population and some make believe shafting of the Allies is unfounded, and totally opinion driven, if anything the Allies have been brought into line with the Axis side with some units on either side outperforming there direct rival but there are very few on each side and overall it equals out. The problem is too many Allied players remember the Doc days where they did have an advantage on a [censored] load of fronts and think thats should be how the game goes back to because that was some how OK. Game population is a problem when its one sided but it afflicts both sides its been a issue for years, way before any of the recent changes kicked in so you tying up the low allied numbers and gear numbers/abilitys is rubbish.
  4. Why do the Rats let threads like this go on and on, the same people using the same tired arguments that get everyone no where and change nothing, if you don't like the game in it current format walk away, [censored] off go do something more proactive to your own well being rather than sit in threads like this day in day out regurgitating the same rubbish, can't you see you are achieving nothing.
  5. LoL you might not be to everyone taste and me saying you are right might make you post more
  6. You need to play axis again for a while to re balance yourself mate, nothing like switching sides for a bit to wake you up and make you reliase the grass is not a green as you think it is. God help me but @merlin51talks a lot of sense and has been pretty much on the mark for a while now, he has been balanced in his views and normally backs them up with facts, you have gone the other way its all emotion driven and feeling shat on, the only thing hurting the allies recently that i can see has been a lack of skilled (vets) population not equipment.
  7. Xoom said they where balanced and at one point the Allies has lightly more.
  8. Its never just one point Yunge, each tank is different, but as a rule or thumb, if its an axis tank you are facing aim for the turret front right, If its an Allied tank then there is no one place to as each tank is very different, most people will go the training server with a mate and star shooting each other in different spots with different weapons to find points of value. The sapper guides are a good start, and will show you locations of ammo and Fuel tanks but most of these will be side areas only. My only other advice i can give if you wan to star tanking is to make sure you use your commander as much as possible and avoid head on fights with other tanks if you can help it, Knowing what the unit you are using is capable of vs the tank you can see coming at you will determine what action you need to take, some times running away or avoiding the other guy is the smart move.
  9. Yep that's point im making and slack given, its far from easy when you have done it before let alone when its a new experiance. Imo next time it would be easier to organist into a correct style fire team/Kampfgroup which are a mixed unit of all elements, inf, tanks, atgs, support, air. Rather than the one unit of tanks one unit of support, one unit of air. much simpler from a command tactical level that way as you can all work as a group and feel inclusive involved in a battle, from a strategic point of view its easier as you can pick a town and set a direction for each battle group/fireteam/KG and let the current hc do there thing they currently know well.
  10. The most glaring issue to me was a lack of experienced players who know how to run and plan and lead opps that big with dedicated elements in play and a large command structure, the current HC members lack exposure to this type of leadership so either its something we have to do more regularly so current hc learn or the players with the skills need to lead the ops if they are here or come back if they have left the game, it worked from a big battles point of view but that was the limit and it highlighted how far the player leadership has fallen away from the tactical battle level into the more strategic level. On the plus side i had a blast leading a tank KG again brought back some great memory's and times, best action was blowing locking Ant fbs in co-op with a Inf KG working closely with us. BB has a short video some where of the last part of the fb suppress.
  11. If the game had started in t0 the green tags would still get the same treatment, in t0 they would get what the p2 vicky 38t r35 vs stugs and s35s, Chars and the Matty, not a very welcoming feeling either, besides Erasmo and Mos are correct t2 and 3 is where the equipment starts to have pull as its what people know.
  12. Best joystick i ever had, but i wore out, no idea how you can get it working in game sorry.
  13. Wooot, i didn't realize it was you, i was talking to you the other night as well, well I'm very happy to know you are fine and dandy and have fond memorys of our time in ww2 together back in the PL days, are you still in touch with Soldat?
  14. For real? If true that's great news, who told you?