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  2. awesome job you are doing greyone ! keep up the good work glad to have u aboard MSK !S
  3. I know your right ! there is no real running and gunning with the LMG its not at all accurate when you do try to run and gun. I always hit the A key slip sideways which you cant do in run mode. you might be running at the time ,but the minute u hit the A key you slow down to a walk ! the hole running and gunning thing is a myth ! made up by desperate players to gain more of an advantage ! which they will have soon ! axis wont have a gun to counter there run and gun laser like SMGS!
  4. I'm sure the allies are happy now ! and most here are allied loving it !its cool but for me its not ! Lmg m34 will never cap a cp again ! for the allies that's an awesome thing ! you will win now !like it was said because of this allies lose which is a bunch of horses--t ,but ok ! axis side seems to get there equipment nerfed over the years 88, planes, tanks, atgs ! now this the one weapon . I don't care what anyone says I've played all these weapons for I don't know about 15-16 years now I knew what they could do then all of a sudden they couldn't either they have been nerfed or the allied side was made stronger ! there is a lot of things in this game that are not historic ! allied tanks to start , I know it wont matter what I say or do, but wish you all the best ! good luck axis when the patch happens I will save a lil $ now TY for the many years of fun !S axis and good luck !
  5. this is wrong nerf our LMG XOOM ! REALLY? plenty of YouTube videos on mg34 hip shooting it was done a lot ! but I understand allies cant fight ! they lose cause here uber tanks cant cap have to do something right ! well lets blame it n the LMG ! been playing for a very long time and at 59 yrs of age love the game ! best on the net! have gotten many to join ! I don't make a career outta using LMG hip shooting and die a lot ! this is very wrong and also a game changer for me as well !
  6. I notice most everyone here complaining about the LMG is allied ! just excuses cause you all cant fight ! its ok if your laser SMG can clear a cp and there are some do the same make a career outta it ,and its ok Mathilda's are pill boxes tho right ! if you want to make things historic better start with the allied side tanks , atgs , planes that cant be shot down ! allies are spoiled when u cant fight spawn uber tanks I'm sure u get plenty of kills ! most ridiculous thread I've seen yet ! learn to fight allies ! no one to blame but yourselves and maybe CRS for making a lot of your equipment over powered ! bunch of whining babies I cant win cause axis has a gun that can hip shoot is BS ! if you want to make things historic better start on your own side 1st ! the LMG is fine ! and it was hip used in real war just took a real man to do it !
  7. oh I get it now u removed grease gun which is only right ! now allies want something in return like messing with our LMG ! also I have played allied side as well , and I didn't like the ease of which everything worked ! that's when I realized I would play for the underdogs the real warriors in this game ! I would rule playing allied side! but choose not to !
  8. well ive heard enough ! one of axis best guns nerfed ! go ahead nerf the LMG ! and after 16yrs of playing I will unsub ! how much more u gonna nerf axis side so CRS allies can win ? omg allies have the grease gun which is way to uber and doesn't even belong in game 1939 tier ! then they have tommy and bren which they can also shoot from hip! its all BS to nerf our LMG ! of coarse the allied players want in nerfed ! its ok for them to clear a cp with there uber guns . but axis cant have a good gun . and loading a gun while moving was done in real time just took a real man to doit ! my opinion which prolly means nothin here , leave it alone after all these yrs nerfing axis stuff now u gonna nerf our LMG ! DOIT AND I WILL UN SUB AND TAKE A FEW WITH ME I PROMISE U THAT ! another thing is I never play allied side cause they are overpowered ! I play axis cause we are underdogs always ! we adapt have better tactics !I am American and would love to play the American side but to easy for me ! axis players are the real warriors in this game !! EAGLE
  9. outstanding CRS ! I have time to play today, but cant ! NOTE TO SELF : go to battleground europe website check to see how much i pay a year for premium subscription & if its worth it! Dont worry CRS you will get your funding for new hardware! just put the game back online ! love/hate the game ! AXIS for ever! EAGLE
  10. I DLed directx 9.0c from the web after patch and no sound in game and i now have sound in game again !