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  1. When the battles you fight today directly affect the course of the game for weeks, not just minutes or hours, everything you do is taken to a whole new level. Best community in the gaming world. Period.
  2. there should be medals u can get even if u die.. G3A3 should get something for laying some hurt down on the bridge by himself.
  3. I died right away but it was fun..we have to get set up faster though. I spent an hr waiting for the event to start and only got to play for 20 minutes..
  4. did you ever know taht joor my hero that woulda sucked..
  5. same here..did the server crash?
  6. Did it start already..yesterday i coulda swore it was 1:30 and not i cant log in
  7. well it was a nice counter on ur part but the pwning was mostly given by him than taken..i mean that many kills and one death? This isnt real war, its a game, so dieing isnt really a bid deal as long as u take a few with u
  8. I got a hero point..does that just mean i move up 1 experience slot for the next realism event i play in? Also if i miss the next 5 events do i still get to carry over my xp points and rank to the next event i get to play in. and LINDIR u should award medals in these events..would add some more spice to the debreifings .. If theres another even this monday i might be able to make it but beyond that ill be missing them all unless u have any on wednesday, monday, or sundays When i got my i dont think ive ever been that nervous/excited in a game.. I was all tense...i couldnt really see him..i just saw some movement in the hedgerow..and i saw a little 'hole' in the hedgerow suddenly dissapear so in knew he was standing behind i shot into the hole and heard him i crawled back to the bush i was originaly hiding in a realized that my heart was going like a million mph.. The end got a little boring cuz we were stuck at the SW side of town where absolutely NO action was but all in all i had a friggin' blast! TY LINDIR!
  9. woot i am teh famous!! Excellent debreifing LINDIR..looks like im gonna miss the next bunch of packed for the next 5 weekends and i have guitar lessons on teusday nights.. Oh well..hopefully things will slowdown a bit after september.. That was the most fun ive ever had in ANY game..
  10. Ill try and convince the parents..if not hows the 6800 GT 256mb?
  11. the x800XL is 320 and the x850 XT is 500 edit: or should i go Nvidia for WWIIOL? Im hearing that ATI and WWIIOL dont mix well?
  12. Ok we are in the process of ordering my system..this is what i have set up right now for 1858 CASE : X-BLADE Mid-Tower 450W W/ WINDOW & LCD Temperature Display + FAN CONTROL (BLACK COLOR) CPU : (939-pin) AMD ATHLON™64 4000+ CPU w/ Hyper Transport Technology MOTHERBOARD : (Sckt939)MSI K8N NEO4-F nForce4 Chipset SATA Raid PCI-E w/GbLAN,USB2.0,&7.1Audio MEMORY : 2048 MB (512MBx4) PC3200 400MHz Dual Channel DDR MEMORY (Corsair Value RAM) HARD DRIVE : Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM Serial ATA 150 8MB Cache WD740GD Hard Drive 2 : NONE VIDEO CARD : ATI RADEON X800XL 256MB 16X PCI EXPRESS VIDEO CARD VIDEO CARD 2 : NONE Optical Drive : COMBO DRIVE (16X DVD-ROM & 52x32x52 CD-RW) (BLACK COLOR) Optical Drive 2 : NONE MONITOR & LCD : Gaming LCD ViewSonic® VA712B 17" 8MS Response Time w/ 350:1 Contrast Ratio (Black) (Original Black) SOUND : NEW!!! Creative Labs SB LIVE 24.bit 7.1 Now for 180 bucks more i could make the vid card a x850XT. Does that look like a good system and would upping to a x850xt be a big difference?