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  1. Did RDP bombing seem to make a difference? I did notice supply was limited on the Allied side for a while.
  2. My only contribution to the war effort documentary.
  3. The way it was years ago. Glad to see the number are up. Maybe we can get a few more videos of the fun. 2006 or earlier?
  4. Been years since I've seen 300 players on at midnight rat time CST. Looks very promising.
  5. I've never seen so many green tags in game then right now and someone said there's more in training than in the game.
  6. Trenches for the win!!
  7. Moving files from one side to the other
  8. Sad news. I frequently saw him in game. RIP.
  9. soon.
  10. When you click on the WWIIOL Battleground Europe banner on the top left of THIS page it should bring you to the WWIIOL website, not back to these forums.
  11. Soon (®) noobs
  12. Wow, TBT- This is great, I thought it was only in the history books.
  13. In real life, try running 50 meters and aim a rifle while standing and see how much wobble there is. Prone position is much more stable in the game.
  14. Years ago Rafter would be there with a bottle of "Lube"