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  1. soon.
  2. When you click on the WWIIOL Battleground Europe banner on the top left of THIS page it should bring you to the WWIIOL website, not back to these forums.
  3. Soon (®) noobs
  4. Wow, TBT- This is great, I thought it was only in the history books.
  5. In real life, try running 50 meters and aim a rifle while standing and see how much wobble there is. Prone position is much more stable in the game.
  6. Years ago Rafter would be there with a bottle of "Lube"
  7. Fms

    Just two questions, will infantry be able to climb on top of the FMS and what do you think about adding small, slot windows on the sides to shoot or view from?
  8. You exceeded the limitations of your medication.
  9. It's not whether you win or lose, it how you place the blame. Just play it and have fun, it goes good with a cold beer.
  10. As for the "Did you know" info, it can be framed and hung on the walls in the closets of the CP. Something to read while capping.
  11. I think it's the 1.36 patch that will keep TZ3 from soft-capping the Allied towns, not this patch.
  12. The Opels must be Blitzed!! cCXyKZ7BRcs https://youtu.be/cCXyKZ7BRcs
  13. I recall one headline years ago which read French Air Rules The Sky!! Once, just once.
  14. So that's how is works? Comes in 9000mph, skips off the atmosphere and disappears into the darkness to be guided once again by the gravitational pull of the sun and solar winds? Jimi Hendrix would be proud.
  15. I can't vouch for ever getting a dog fight without a joystick but I once flew a DB7 on a round trip RDP mission to the factory and back (Got 8 bombs in the box) on an older laptop using only a keyboard. Trim and autopilot were most helpful.