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  1. I have a geforce fx5200 128mb agp and I want to buy a 6600gt, but which one would be the one to get as there are so many types available? I´m no computer expert so before I shell out my money any help would be appreciated Also is there a card that would give me a good fps increase from my current card for around 50 to 60 pound? As the cost of 6600gt is alittle high for me atm.
  2. Just been changing one setting at a time and going in to see the difference and now beginning to see 20 fps more often now so the game is getting playable. graphics card is my next purchase. Thanks again!
  3. better, but now instead of 6-9 fps I get about 9-14, i´ll fiddle around more with my settings and see if I can get it up abit more.
  4. ok I hope this is the right file, thanks for this help gnashe very appreciated, posting this thread was the last resort as all my efforts went nowhere.
  5. Sorry I could´nt find the other file in the BE folder,
  6. My machine can´t seem to cope with the new trees and 1.19 i could reduce everything to make the game playable, but now i can´t so is there anything I can do as my system can´t be that bad? Amd athlon 64 3200+ 1024 ram geforce fx 128 any help would be very appreciated
  7. I have 512 ram at the moment and deciding whether to buy extra 512 ram, but will that really make much difference to my fps? My graphics card is a geforce fx5200 and I know this is a weak card, my settings are all on low to keep the game playable, but an extra 512 ram would that help enough for the moment or is it better to just save up for a new grahpics card? Thanks
  8. thanks for the help, but we worked out the problem, he had it blocked in the browser settings because of a problem with spyware, so it all works fine now. Thx agian though
  9. A friend of mine just subscribed and is unable to get on the training server, he presses the ´´train now´´ button and nothing happens, but it all worked fine for me? Thx for any help
  10. HI my friend just brought the game online and did´nt make a note of the cd key is there a quick way to get it? he has already e.mailed but if there is another way that would be great? thx
  11. Just finding web pages not coming up and they have a secure padlock symbol down the bottom, does anyone know what setting to change so I won't get the ''Web page unavailable'' I'm using Internet explorer and it's just some web pages that don't open. I have tried altering the browser settings , but not sure what to do. Any help would be very appreciated thanks
  12. just played on the live server for 40 minutes with no problems and i logged out fine. The only thing i changed was to update my graphics driver.
  13. Sorry just tried training server again and got stuck on authenticating, with the message'' handshake login error'' are many poeple getting these problems?
  14. I´ve been on the training server and found no problems there, and now i´m getting stuck at authenticating on the live server , the load just freezes and and so i quit out, where as before on the live server i lose connection in game to host about 10 mins in, but i can still walk around and do anything in the game, but just on my own.
  15. I´m having problems when searching through your web site, each page takes forever to download and it´s getting slower and slower and I have tried searching with AVG anti virus and spy bot and ad aware and found some things, but AVG could not delete some viruses as they were imbedded into an archive. So i´m not sure whats causing the slow speeds as i live in iceland and the sites here are fine to surf and my internet speed is 1mb a sec. Any advice or help would be great as searching for help through threads is almost impossible. Thanks