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  1. I believe you don't have to use everything in UE4 as a bundle - iirc the plan was to take advantage of UE4's renderer for the graphics but they would be rolling their own terrain system & netcode etc. for the reasons you've highlighted.
  2. lol noob
  3. bleh, you just drop a bomb then hide in the crater noob
  4. more hertz. Friends don't let friends buy AMD cpus
  5. The smart folk take rifles. I'll trade my rifles for MG34s and MP40s all day (or until you run out)
  6. I think if they had their way they wouldn't be using presagis at all, but given it's such a deeply embedded bit of the game, here we are Now if they were to license Titan IM then I'd be getting pretty excited
  7. myself and enigma have maintained several ww2online threads on somethingawful over the years - I'm planning another one prior to the steam release. Think I've got a handle on all the recent/new stuff but what would be really useful is if CRS could outline the new supply mechanics in a concise nugget as I haven't been able to find that anywhere.
  8. Oh man. Many a battle fought alongside that guy.
  9. good show, agree with you about the default PTT rule - is there going to be a central point of contact for discord issues in future?
  10. Joined but have no privileges to enter or view any channels
  11. So as per xoom's audio update on Friday there have been 'breakthroughs' 'on some really outstanding (I think he means long standing) items that are really important.....we're unlocking some really big development roadblocks that we've been encountering for many years...we're in the process of that breakthrough and how far we can go with it....our guys are super excited and chomping at the bit to say something... Assuming it isn't something that's in development that we already know about, what might it be? Post your ridiculously optimistic feature hopes, pet project/unit that no-one else gives a [censored]e about and conspiracy theories here!
  12. If it's the younger generation they want to attract then we will certainly need more Pepes
  13. All very encouraging, it sounds like an awful lot for one year though. If you get even half of it done, it'd be a miracle. Anyway, add one more hero builder to the pile.
  14. inf fighting seemed much improved, no offset or other glaring issues experienced.
  15. just lol at cryengine and star citizen in particular
  16. So if I'm facing or have my back to a sound source it disappears completely, sounds are loudest when I am facing 90 degrees away from them, this makes playing as ground units basically impossible. Using stereo onboard realtek sound and nothing has changed config wise since I last installed.
  17. nope, definitely set to stereo. no problems in any other apps.
  18. Yeah never buy pre-built. If you don't feel confident enough putting it together yourself, pay the local computer guy to do it for you. It'll be worth the few extra $
  19. Download it again. Don't use download managers or run lots of things while downloading it.
  20. I'm preparing a thread for another board to promote the f2p, but I'd like to know: what gear they get access to, both at the start of a map and as it progresses. Are they simply tier limited or are there certain things they will not be able to use without a pay account? Do they have stats recorded? I've read that their access to kit increases as the tiers move up - what is the cap if any?
  21. Would appreciate clarification from a rat - when I promote this this will be one of the first things people ask about.