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  1. Reality sucks..... Steam has a harsh community when it comes to its reviews and I think most gamers of this generation will just berate the graphics to death.
  2. Steam does show it for every game, well whether directly from steam or not I am not sure..... but for example you can search a low grade game like "black death" and see that it had 1 online user earlier. I believe it also shows "unique" users but I could be wrong on that.
  3. CRS have always kept player numbers very close to their chest. Will CRS be able to get away with these figures not being displayed once released on steam?
  4. I thought I was the only one who thought it was a pain in the back side!
  5. What could be done with a perk like that is to limit it to certain position... CinC himself.. CO/XO of army/air/navy... CinC staff..... that way every campaign, CinC does have to select who he values enough to give such a perk? I could think of a few names of the top of my head to whom I would give no spawn delay to.... carefully selected players could easily change the course of the campaign!
  6. impossible.. how many players would join HC to take advantage of this perk and do no HC work at all. Great to see the suggestion but can't see it working. Would help with side locking though
  7. Glad to hear it, it's one of those softwares that likes to have a bit of a tantrum every now and again.....
  8. worked like a charm. Was also very flexible, could change text size, opacity, could move individual boxes around the screen etc etc. Discord, just one big blob to use.
  9. Yes, my issue is the overlay. Might not be an important feature to you or some, but it certainly is to me. Discord was forced onto us, not my job to start hunting down the discord devs.
  10. in TS3 you could chose from various different types of overlay, you could have a preference, thus flexibility. In Discord, you get what you are given.
  11. Great, I look forward to the update. I have also been hoping for some time that discord will implement a way to modify text opacity/tranparency but not sure if that is in the pipeline anytime soon.....
  12. I have been using discord for a while for other games where the TS3 flexibility isn't as big of a factor and have never had an issue moving overlay other than in wwiionline. I tried to toggle, reinstal, change toggle switch, open/close in admin mode but I only seem to have this issue in this one game. I know I will never be able to remove the ugly huge logo that comes with the discord overlay but I just can't seem to figure out why I am having such a huge issue trying to drag the overlay in wwiionline. Not only can i not drag the overlay, I cant click on any of its functions unlike when I use it in other games. I appreciate your help Gretnine. Cheers.
  13. I use different resolutions for different games, wwiionline I do indeed use my native resolution. Have you been able to drag the overlay? Dragging is not the only issue, I cant seem to click on anything belonging to the overlay, and yes, only in wwiionline does this issue happen for me.
  14. Saw your previous post, not sure what happened to it. Do you have a device that is connected to or is connected via bluetooth to your computer that has access to itunes? If so try to disable that device and see if the issue goes away. I think our option of using TS is gone with the servers now having passwords changed.
  15. Discord is a lot less flexible than TS.... Overlay is a pain in the backside and cannot be modified other than large/small text. Can't even drag the overlay window in wwiionline for some reason, unlike all other games I currently have. Usually, I find that for every negative aspect there is of the game, there is at least 1 or 2 positive points. For me, this discord issue is the tipping point. Later today I will be giving it one last attempt at sorting it out, if it doesn't work, I will be joining Vasduten on a leave of absence. Discord is a software I have had to use for other games, which was fine as it did not required the flexibility ts3 offers but I find the options I enjoyed in ts3 to be game changing for wwiionline.