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  1. Sign me in where ever you need me (but no air)! /majes99 (giblin)
  2. FROM ROTSECHS! Game needs players. Allow ftp to all, every single registered account that isn't sub'd. Allow them basic stuff in all persona. Reserve rifle/smg, basic atg, basic tank, basic fighter. Allow them to cap. Allow them to contribute. It costs nothing to do it. I did 3 months ftp, learnt the game, got hooked, got frustrated looking at the better gear. I subbed. Analogy: The car dealer that won't give potential customers a test drive won't sell any cars unless they are significantly cheaper and/or better. The one next door that does, is more likely to have people buy. Rotsechs
  3. 250 It is an honor fighting along side you at the battle field. On the battlefield we together make a huge difference in what direction the map moves! Whips and 250 together and nothing can stopp us! I realy enjoy when we fight together! BIG to 250
  4. Hello!
  5. If you are on axis side, join teamspeak and we will help you!