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  1. OMG !!! Started back in 01 with Empanada, man I remember most of you bastages!! Been gone since 2007 though give or take a few months. Who remembers Bluize? muahahaha I do. I still remember the videos, my personal favorite top opel. Re subbing, I had forgotten how much I loved the game. Not anymore all I needed was a good bomb run. Now back to info: started 2001 played mostly German side, flying bomb runs all the way England when aligning bombers and using the bomb sight was more intuitive. Yeah I would sit flying a bomber for up to 4 hours just to help attrition. Still love bombing, just not taking long trips no more.
  2. Were is the Sheep? I want my sheep.
  3. hello everyone !! I just re-subscribed again after a couple of years out and this is what i came back too as soon as i get in game and is day light my screen goes crazy changing from day to night and making a crakling noise as i move , everything changes colors several times per second already updated my graphic drivers , MB drivers I have a Nvidia 9600 GSO 750 MB graphics card dual core AMD Athlon 64 4200+ with 3 gigs of memory windows XP sp 3 haaalp!!! i cant play
  4. thanks!! i am going to log in and try it right now it worked !! thanks for the help
  5. YES!!!! but dont expect over 85 fps in this game, very few get them but your system is good
  6. whats wrong with wallyworld ? I got a box only from wally world, but i know what i was looking for I got a xp4200 dual core with 2 gigs of ram (upgreadable to 4 gigs) and a 300 gig HD Raid with (as usual integrated graphics) but with a pci x slot for 400.00 (cant beat that) so I went and bought a ATI vid card pci x and put it on and whaala 60 fps 45 busy air and 45 fps 35 busy
  7. lets see spawn at FB to defend despawn after a few kills and a bunch of ei trying to get to FB. just to realize that the mission on that brigade is gone so now (that i cant post no more missions) i have to look for another brigade to see if anyone posted mission there, later after 6 minutes of beging and looking i find one, wohoo spawn in to see that they are blowing the FB and no one defending since all the ones trying cant spawn in no more (i have seen this in AB too) now this to me its a hughe leap backwards