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  1. Allfor... currently one of the biggest Allied squads, join us and we will be willing to teach you the ropes of the game and become an Axis killing machine We have many experienced members and several of them are AHC, and our P1 is having fun always Look up for our recruiting flags in game! S!
  2. Bump for the 56th FG!
  3. Very fun bunch, recommended!
  4. Bump for the ANZAC!
  6. I'm in for the single fighters tourney. Starts in 20 mins?
  7. Instead of putting in the whole link put between [%youtube][%/youtube] only the code that comes after the "=". Note: remove the % inside the youtube tag, i just put that so it could appear here like that: Wrong way: [%youtube][%/youtube] Right way: [%youtube]3zvIUgaGtYQ[%/youtube] Without the "%" to make it work: 3zvIUgaGtYQ
  8. Bump!;12035050
  9. Bump!
  10. The video is now at FileFront also:;12035050 S!!
  11. Some cool P-38 action for you! -sd4vlMyfYk Also available in high quality version at YouTube -> -> High quality 283MB version Enjoy, S!!
  12. Thanks for that, yep the link's no good! Actual link is , wish i could edit that! You can click on our sig it's also gonna work.
  13. The mythic french speaking air squad the GC II/5 "Cigognes" - The Storks, air division of the 1st BAM, has oficially launched it's international brother: The GC II/5 "Lafayette" - The Sioux Squadron. This new Squadron idea was conceived with the goal of being an english speaking division of the Cigognes to attract more pilots, be more numbered in the air thus making more people fly FAF and improving it's image before the playerbase. The Sioux Squadron will work closely with the Cigognes, benefiting from their experience and also performing cross training and joint missions, with the final objective of raising the FAF standards - and having loads of fun, of course ! The Sioux worked with the Storks (Cigognes) in the real life, Escadrille Lafayette was it's french name and this is the squad that the movie Flyboys is about, so it also has a nice historical background! The Sioux squadron is recruiting dedicated fellows who love flying for the Allies and will be here for the long run! Say hi to us in our forums or in game! -> Check out our video: [High Quality] S!!
  14. Have you connected any new USB devices? This thread may help you out: