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  1. didnt do anything. Still around 1-3 fps. Saw a big spike all the way up to 5 fps for a millisecond once (not sure why). Well, Im back to OT to wait it out for another couple months. Gawd I miss the good old days when I could actually play this game. Gotta love "improvements." I did manage to get a 38T kill with my atr at 3fps though. It was a pretty sight. Well, a pretty slideshow I should say.
  2. Another question. I was going to load leopard on my machine (specs above). I saw the Leopard thread at top and it seems some people are having issues with the game and Leopard. Is this a global issue, or should I not worry about it and just install Leopard?
  3. I will give that a try tonight. TY man. P.S> anyone else have my exact same machine? Any ideas on what I can expect?
  4. Here is my complete info now. Any recommendations on setting alterations would be appreciated. iMac PowerPC G5 (3.0) 2 gigs RAM 1.8 Ghz GeForce FX 5200 VRAM 64 Settings: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  5. Once I get home from work tonight I will post it. I understand that I am hobbling along at this point with the computer equivalent of an AMC Pacer - I just hope I can tweak a few settings to get a few more miles out of it with this game. TY
  6. Well, I finally tried out the new patch today. zero performance increase. I would say I got a performance decrease. I must have a setting wrong now or something although I did not change it from before. Out at a deserted FB (there were two friendly ATGs there) = 5 fps In a town with other people = 1-3 fps Before I could at least get 10 at a deserted fb - single digits is unplayable. iMac PowerPC G5 (3.0) 2 gigs RAM 1.8 Ghz GeForce FX 5200 VRAM 64 How can I post what my game settings are easily? Is there a place where I can just paste a preference file or something? I may have something turned on, or turned off that is causing this crappy performance (I hope), cause this is decidedly worse than 1.27.
  7. Cool, any improvement at all is good by me. Was going to try it out last night, but the wife got sick, so had to be a good husband. As long as I can play out in an FB I'm fine for now. Looking forward to checking it out.
  8. Great. I havent played in months. Been waiting for this patch (was going to play tonight). So no big performance increases??
  9. Yeah, I hope so. I miss the game - still play out on FB duty every now and then. I really dont need much fps to play, Im used to playing in single digits. I'm hoping my wife needs to get a new computer for work so I can get a new Intel Mac - but that is yet to be seen
  10. Wow, it must truly suck to be you. 200 fps uh? My turd of a machine did get a slight boost with 127.1 I guess. I can get 15-18 now in deserted areas. Still 2-5 in fight towns. Thats why I just hang out in OT and dont play this game anymore. Once my computer becomes obsolete for other things I will get a new one that can handle this game - sadly, as a professional graphic designer who works with huge graphic files and Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, email, downloading 100 meg ftp files, streaming news video, playing iTunes and running my Filemaker database all at once every day, my lowly iMac will probably last me for years to come it seems - cause it does all of that every day flawlessly - day in and day out - no problems at all. Guess my machine aint REALLY a turd - just for this game.... iMac G5 PowerPC Gg (3.0) 2 gigs ram geForce Fx 5200 64 mb Vram
  11. I tried installing the game on my imac 24" at work to see what kind of performance it would get - I had similiar issues. I forgot exactly what resolution I had to set it at - but for me, it was a screen resolution issue. Even after I got it to work, there were still weird issues with how the weapon and hands looked. THey looked fine at first, but after shooting or reloading the hands would be completely grey and the weapon would loose all detail and just be flat colored areas, like someone filled the whole thing in with paint or something. I would try different screen resolutions and see if that helps.
  12. Same here in San Diego. My condo is (apparently from what I have heard) worth $30,000 LESS than when I bought it 3 years ago.
  13. Agree 100%
  14. Will do - TY