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  1. And since I left my joystick at home, maybe open up some spaces for AA-gunners? Edit: Ah, I just realized... Multicrewing on the bombers...
  2. I think this is really weird. For me, port forwarding is definately the answer to my CTHL-problems. I have setup my connection with static-ip, forward the ports ONLY to that IP. At once I change my settings over to Obtain IP-address automatically, and gets another IP from my router, CTHL's appear again. (I did Static-IP because of the incredibly clonky settings in the D-Link)
  3. If so, have you then chose to have a static-ip in your TCP/IP-configuration for your connection? Probably your router is setup to "lease-out" IP-addresses by an interval of 24hours, and if your computer is off or rebooted during this or after this time - you MIGHT get another IP-address from your router. And consequently, your firewall forwarding ports for a wrong IP-address. Just check your IP in IPCONFIG to see it's still the correct one.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. May I ask - how did you forward your ports? Did you forward them for specific IP-addresses or for all IP's? And what kind of router do you have?
  5. Ah ok. If reinstalling the drivers don't do any good, it might be worth thinking about checking for a BIOS-update. You can check this thread for some more info: http://forums.vnunet.com/thread.jspa?forumID=2&threadID=15834
  6. Do you have an USB-router-modem attached to your computer? If so, this error can be coming of two reasons. - A bad install of the drivers - reinstall the drivers for your modem/router/USB-device. - A power-supply-problem. Do you have multiple USB-devices connected at the same time? Did your USB-device come with Power Supply, use it!
  7. What have you set as your maximum sounds in settings? Try reducing it to 32 or lower. Could you please post your Dxdiag and your Settings-file?
  8. If you have checked the "Run SSE2 executable." in Settings, try UNchecking it. It's a well-known bug, post your Dxdiag in this thread: http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=123203
  9. Hi fellow Norwegian I suggest you check - LOD Field of view - LOD Limit Per Frame You won't actually loose any eyecandy by doing so.
  10. Hehe, I've already seen this thread, at work - but didn't have the time to reply. If you get any CTHL's at all, Kidd27, post here and I will explain to you how to do it the "clonky" way. Hopefully though, Gnasche's way will work for you.
  11. lol! I'm sorry that I laugh, but it's funny! HahA! Nice job, Svedala... as always... Just wish you were a reporter on the Allied-side.
  12. Yeah, me included. And I thought I got the info from the above-post, but it isn't included there (anymore?).