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  1. I must be doing something wrong, I think I've correctly followed all the steps and the 765 still doesn't show up in Settings.
  2. Cool! Thanks Petie, I've changed the settings. Soon as I die I'll restart the game with using the Nvidia card.
  3. I have a brand new MSI GS70 Laptop with Win8.1, 16GB RAM, discrete Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M w/2GB VRAM. I'm playing wirelessly. I have updated all hardware drivers. I currently have Playgate.exe and WW2.exe set to run in Win7 compatibility mode. The games runs with some quirks. 1. The sound is really odd. It starts out soft then goes quickly to max for all sounds within about 10 or 15 seconds. If I open the map the sounds all drop down then creep back up again when I close the map. I think other things will cause them to drop down (aaa audio, aircraft audio) but then they'll always come back up again. It does make it very hard to judge distance. 2. I cannot select the Nvidia card as the graphics card in Settings. It is not listed at all. I verified in the device manager that it is enabled. Surprisingly the game runs just fine on the Intel 4600 card on the motherboard. 3. Whenever I play inf and I engage an ei I get a two or three second lag spike where my fps drops to one and the screen freezes up. If I live, I'm usually able to continue as normal afterwards. I think my network use maxes out when this happens but I need to test some more to be sure. 4. Occasionally on hitting Play the screen goes black and nothing else happens and the Persona screen never appears. Restarting always fixes this. 5. Occasionally if I alt-tab out,when I tab back in I'm at a screen than seems to be locked, almost like a frame cap, but I can still hear myself moving around, reloading, etc.. If I tab out and back in, then I can play again. Overall the game is playable, although I'd love to fix the sound and lag problems.
  4. I'm having the same problem: 1st try to spawn: Connection to host re-established 2nd try: ?mission.spawn.denied13? 3rd try: The unit to you had reserved is no longer available 4th try: Unchecked MS box and successfully spawned at FB I exited the game at the point so I could post all this. Previous spawn attempts over the last day or so failed in pretty much the same way. I just noticed the suggestion to try several locations which is when I thought to uncheck the MS box and had a successful spawn.
  5. It is to laugh. Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Display -> Do not set "Make it easier to read what's on your screen" to 150%. Problem fixed, although now my icons and other Windows text are giving me headaches when I try to read them.
  6. Is that the latest version that doesn't work with SLI? I always had it enabled before, no problems. My understanding was that it didn't really help any. I didn't realize it was actually a problem.
  7. Thanks for the good suggestions, no luck though.
  8. My current version is 267.76. The latest available is 295 something. I've tried about 10, every one that I could find from 190 something to 267. Every single one did the same thing.
  9. Yeah I went through all that and tested some of the settings and fixes I used back then but nothing seemed to help.
  10. ~points at post 4~
  11. No luck with any of the suggestions. I found a driver as far back as 186.64, and I KNOW that one used to work. This is what I see (less the cheezburger logo, it was a convenient place to upload a pic) Mind you, that takes up the full screen. And if I let it load all the way I only see that much of the side and bde selection. I can't get much further than that since I can't get to any of the buttons in the lower right.
  12. That's how it is now, monitor: 1920x1200x32, game: 1920x1200x32. Native mode for the monitor is 1920x1200x32.
  13. Actually it just occurs to me that I tried changing the game resolution but not Windows resolution. I'll try that tonight.
  14. System: Alienware M17x, Nvidia Gforce 280m SLI, Win7 64bit, 4GB I had to rebuild my system recently and when I reinstalled the game it would not run properly. I can log in just fine but when the loader starts all I see is the upper left corner of the splash page/load screen. To put it another way, if you took the load screen and split it into quadrants, all I see is the upper left portion, and it fills the entire screen. It seems like the resolution is borked somehow. I tried reinstalling several times. I checked the .xml file and it has the proper resolution. I tried changing the resolution. I tried switching off SLI, and I tried switching to the onboard (Nvidia 9400) card. Same problem every time. After I rebuilt the machine I loaded the latest Nvidia driver from Alienware(Dell) for my machine, version two-fifty-something. When I realized the game was not working I tried the latest from Nvidia which wouldn't install at all. So I downloaded the last 7 or 8 drivers from Nvidia and loaded the oldest one, 260.99, which loaded fine but the game still had the same problem. When I have more time I will try the other drivers but I thought I would check here in case somebody else has the same problem and there's a different solution available. Before I had to rebuild my machine the game ran fine, but for the life of me I don't remember what driver version it was (probably fairly old, 2009 or 2010) and I don't see the older drivers available anyway. I think it was in the 180 or 190 version range but I don't know where to find them. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Todd