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  1. Now that is a name that I have not seen in a long time.
  2. What's going on in OOT? Anything new going on in the hangar? Someone update me with gossip
  3. This I want to see if the hangar is busy or not.
  4. I need it asap or everyone should start posting here.
  5. The links that free to play accounts get in emails are all broken
  6. I am going to send you a basket of heros and you guys will learn the difference. I am literally going to bring culture to your door step.
  7. I'm not going to a page with my credit card that doesn't have a SSL.
  8. My next billing date is coming up and I need to make sure I am unsubbed, can you please fix the account management page or confirm that my sub is not going to auto-renew? https://secure.wwiionline.com/users/manage.jsp thanks
  9. Just curious but is the TOS system broken? I never got any TOS messages for the last couple of bans that I have gotten. Just curious if this was on purpose or maybe the mods meant to send them and they never got through? Just a FYI because this may be broke. [serious post and not sarcastic]
  10. Rebel you have been pretty bad for years now so hushhhh. Surly and the rest of the have beens are hanging out in the motor pool or barracks or something.
  11. I duno. I rage quit after my plink ram today. Hammer-headed a nooblet with my Dewo and his plane dipped the wrong way and I hit him. Of course he plinked me and of course the 09 I shot down earlier didn't count. Derp derp there goes the perfect streak this campaign :[
  12. None of my sorties are showing up.
  13. I don't think the Rats trying to fix it is really big news. It's just more that I think he wanted us to calm down a bit.