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  1. when did they add tanks?
  2. I suicided a c-47 full of paras on the runway. It was good for both sides, that way the squishies didn't waste their time at an AO.
  3. Now that is a name that I have not seen in a long time.
  4. What's going on in OOT? Anything new going on in the hangar? Someone update me with gossip
  5. This I want to see if the hangar is busy or not.
  6. I need it asap or everyone should start posting here.
  7. Join this squad so I have He-111s to shoot at when I fly Allied. Whatever squad you are in, quit it immediately and join this HE-111 squad. I am 100% for this.
  8. What program are you crashing to desktop from?
  9. He didn't despawn until after the fighting was over.
  10. Was Sport. He lost his governor or bent his prop in the fight so he had to set it down. He didn't die though his plane was fine so he waited there for the 1 minute, that's why I stayed around to protect him and his stats.
  11. Was it me? I thought you were multicrewed so I wasn't sure what was going on.
  12. If I am lagging like crazy shoot me a PM. I can't really tell if I am warping in game or not.
  13. HOw would I flash my mboard?
  14. Everything else on my computer checks out, the graphics card is the only thing and it's only this game crashing. It has to be my graphics card. I am literally getting 10 CTDs a day now, most of them within the first few minutes of a new sortie or at the load screen.