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  1. Is a bit better warpers thought are even harder to kill now. Either you dont see them at all or you see them running like leo in matrix. Rifle and side shots imposible now.
  2. Sounds fun
  3. I had the same issue but yesterday problem gone you should be ok as well.
  4. Ok looks like problem is solved was able to log in with no problem. Thanks you.
  5. Any update on this, no response on support ticket either.
  6. From what i know integrated graphics are not supported in game need a proper graphics card.
  7. But the game wont even launch. Time out on authorisation if i pass that i time out hte chat connection. I sent a ticket this is the 3rd day i cant play and all started on Friday. This means either my connection is [censored]ed up or something your is going on with the changes you made. Is there a chance to give me the server ip so i can try a trace to see if i loose packages etc at least identify if the problem is my end so i can rectify it.
  8. Any new from CRS my game still not working now i log in properlly but when I try to spwn i get time out issue. ETA on fix its geeting frustrated 2 days now i cant play especially on my weekend were i have some spare time to play.
  9. Started yesterday, log in died then KFS erron with dunno something happent. Try to reload game chat connection fail game crash wont even load. that kept yesterday all day lon, unistall everything install again game full instalation log in all good died boom KFS issue again try to relaunch game Connection on chat error boom game try again now i get Timed out during authendication. This bull[censored] started since yesterday not clue what happens. Not sure if that makes any difference just put new windows 10 update yesterday. More to this I putr exceptions on firewall nothing tried and turn off firewall went passes authendication then chat drop me game crash. Re-tried went ok try to spwn boom kfs issue bullsht again. last night changes you made has seriouslly [censored]ed up things there were other people compalining about connection issues you guys need to fix it please
  10. Cant play launch game and I get authendication error and game crush. That happent since yesterday.
  11. Intermisions are good and should give all f2p player access to all equipment to see what they miss and make them maybe registered. Also it gives some relaxing to HQ guys and some players.
  12. Starting in tier3 was an AXIS player request and was made true by CRS none to blame there , as for the 2 campaigns ago was the Mattie were it was reduced to 1 vs the horde of stugs and 4ds with the unrealistic HEAT that was the complain adding to the problem that allied can match the inf weapons VS the axis when Americans are in.
  13. Dynamic capture times. The overpop needs instead of 2 mins to cap a cp should take 4 or 5 min depending the % of overpop. Similar the low pop side instead of taking 2 mins to recap reduse to 30 secs depending the % of the overpop. Similar when the ab comes hot can increase or decrease. Also the bonus of having many peopole capping decrease cap time should disable after lets say 5% overpop. Also you can disable the cp spawning from the overpop side after a % of overpop so they force to use fru only. Usually with overpop when a spawn goes down the town go down fast this way the underpop side has a chance. Number of AOs should use as a criteria the nymbers of the side which has the lower numbers and not according to the total server population. Of course there is nothing you can do to stop the overpop especially in tz3 when you have 30 vs 5 still the side with the 30 people will cap town but you can delay them instead of capping 3-4 town they will cap 1.
  14. Problem many HC never do **** it’s the same people who comes in fix the map, these guys get burned fast and most quit the game. Rests are clueless, and stuck with their ego messing the map thinking they are the best general of the world. This game needs to go back to town base supply so HC should organize the attack and not moving flags. Plus the current system is so stupid it’s beyond comprehension. To correct fallbacks sometimes takes hours its stupid, why not click on brigade and set fallback a town that is link instead they need to do 100 moves whoever thought that must be a masochist.