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  1. Is a bit better warpers thought are even harder to kill now. Either you dont see them at all or you see them running like leo in matrix. Rifle and side shots imposible now.
  2. Intermisions are good and should give all f2p player access to all equipment to see what they miss and make them maybe registered. Also it gives some relaxing to HQ guys and some players.
  3. Starting in tier3 was an AXIS player request and was made true by CRS none to blame there , as for the 2 campaigns ago was the Mattie were it was reduced to 1 vs the horde of stugs and 4ds with the unrealistic HEAT that was the complain adding to the problem that allied can match the inf weapons VS the axis when Americans are in.
  4. Same people still warp or kill you before you see them. Many 250 are like that maybe their internet sucks i seen today a 250 start shooting before he turn the corner of building meanwhile the squady that who was waiting for him cause i war him on ts saw him when he was dead, from my view i saw him start shooting before turn the corner. Hell i shot a guy went pass me and fell dead after 5 secs 250 too. Not all 250 are like that but most are.
  5. Was M5 and was downhill but seems I kept killing your Tigers today
  6. 17pdr and m5 when they are a bit of a uphill they go upside down which is bull even if they touch on a small burm they go upsife down.
  7. FOUND how i can recreate it. 2 monitors On 1 play game on other i have broweser hit despwn alt + tab to browser then i click on game window go straight on top right. GOT IT finally..... Propablly you can do it with one screen
  8. PC - patch. The problem gone away after 2 hours and many game relaunches then everything was ok.
  9. Chat timeout conection when game loads twice, also in game i get a few connection issues when try to spwn. Getting tyhe stupid kfs msg dunno whats wrong. every other mission i have to crush game and relauch it. Cant play at all. Now when i died the game completlly frezze up. FIX the stupid chat server is ****ing the game big time cant paly at all.
  10. Ok infantry stamina is bugged i found out there are times that take 10m and my stamina goes and times that stamina last for 100+m. I was checking it today and I realise when you lay down and crouch for like 2 secs and the stamina comes back to full the stamina reduce normally afterwards, but when you lie down regain stamina and run again without crouch the stamina wont last for 10m. Also when i run I am using the 'V' key so once i stop running by pressing the shift the character will lie down. Maybe it helps....
  11. Problem many HC never do **** it’s the same people who comes in fix the map, these guys get burned fast and most quit the game. Rests are clueless, and stuck with their ego messing the map thinking they are the best general of the world. This game needs to go back to town base supply so HC should organize the attack and not moving flags. Plus the current system is so stupid it’s beyond comprehension. To correct fallbacks sometimes takes hours its stupid, why not click on brigade and set fallback a town that is link instead they need to do 100 moves whoever thought that must be a masochist.
  12. Please dont introduce the fallback it was a stupid thing.
  13. Well I was in UK and moved back to Greece to get married my wife dint want to move to UK unfortunetlly. Until then I was playing in lan games with my firends DOOM and Unreal Tournament and was playning Everquest on line. When I move to Greece time changes couldn't rate with my guild so I decided to check other games, I always like war games especially WW2 ones, so I search the web and I saw this game and the map on the front page that really make me looked into it more. Registered played Axis I remember at the start I didnt know what to do was wondering around, I even remember getting a 3H driving all way to FB which I had no clue of its purpose and sat there waiting for enemy to come after 30 min nothing spawned so I despaned then someone said was looking for recruits and here i am joined Dixie which was full of rednecks well and I stuck with them until my PC couldnt handle the game any more (playing with 8 fps). When I got new PC rejoined but all 16id has gone so I decide to play a bit allied and then I found my friend CJ who we used to be in 16id together and got me in AEF man and I am having so much fun again. Believe me this game is all about squad get in on one and the experiance of this game will go sky high. I propablly I am one of the most vocal player in game and HC hates me but I am Greek .