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  1. I think it was changed dont know for sure. Now if u are at overpoped side, you log out and quit game and turn on game again u can instantly go tu underpopulated side.
  2. hehe nice we need track repair teams in that game
  3. it seems after few massive CTHLS now its good. Now im on netcode2
  4. Ok i had rarely CTHL's now i just had one after a minute.
  5. Have you ever tried to use SLI two graphic cards to play ww2ol? I know that it has to be configured to play games which are not at the nvidia list, ww2ol isnt at the list so it has to be configured manualy. Im asking because im thinking to buy second gfx card, my mb support sli my first card support sli ill buy another identical and i should be able to use SLI mode if ofcourse its possible with ww2ol.
  6. Ok i have a problem i have new screen 22" panoramic. Now i have a question, imo the best resolution for seeing everything in normal proportion I use in windows and in game 1280x768 but then when im zooming in pzrs gunner pos i dont see whole up and down part of my optic especialy annoing at german pzrs. Any way to fix this? in some diffrent resolutions i can see whole measurment instruments at up part of screen but everything seems flattered. What should i do.
  7. ww2errinfo.log 1 18416383 3612 166 3515903376 0 3221225725 6147445 ww2error.log C:\gry\mmorpg\BATTLE~1\ww2_sse2.exe File version: 1, 25, 2, 255 Program compile time: Dec 21 2006 21:29:35 Date and time: 12/22/2006 17:45:37 Exception code: 0xc00000fd Exception: STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW Exception: continuable Exception address: 0x005dcd75 Exception tried to: read at address 0x000421d4 Exception Registers: DS: 0x00000023, ES: 0x00000023, FS: 0x0000003b, GS: 0x00000000 EBP: 0x0013f6d8, ESP: 0x001201cc, SS: 0x00000023, EIP: 0x005dcd75 ESI: 0x0013ae30, EDI: 0x0002d3f0 EAX: 0x0008bf90, EBX: 0x0013fa50, ECX: 0x000421d4, EDX: 0x0013f5dc
  8. Gn then, i have 22:12 so ill wait an hour. Rats wake up
  9. What is strange i havent resubbed i never unsubed
  10. u have this? I also have problems
  11. its gona be hell to defend anything like buildings, bunkers, etc.
  12. Lol like you dont right? Beside that thats a rasist sentence, you generalize and you are not objective.
  13. Date: yesterday, place Turnhout. We, Polish freaks didnt know what to do so we decided to fool around. Someone said hey lets take some 232 or other lights drive to town and make some noise and distraction. Answer: Why not So we pick barle fb and I took 232, silpl took pz2 and pyotrosh took stugb. And here we go full speed along bush line near road, first i got to town i made a circle around n cp saw a a13 but didnt have time to kill him because someone made that faster. I looked around killed ei's at second floor in flag building then drove towards silpl which just entered town, silpl took out ai pit fireing to our ms (gagamels), and we secured area with one more friendly pzr i dont remember which one and we provided cover for our inf which just came out of ms and other areas and attacked n cp. While we were fireing to everything in windows our beloved infantry took over North CP. We have another spawnable up. So after that success we decided to go south into the city. We were avoiding roads and this way we reached AB, killin few eis meanwhile. When we reached AB we heard noise inside, i drove near w gate and i saw p38t inside driving around and 6 or more EI's behind him running with sachels, so i devastated them, and drove thru ab to E gate i drove outside turned around and drove again inside. In that moment Silpl drove inside from w and he killed something about 6 more eis running behind me . Later I was driving circles killin and runing over everything, Silpl took position near veh shooting to everything runing from inf spawn, they tried to smoke him but then i firied few series of mg at his position killin few ei's( i was constantly moving I know whats happening to not moving 232). While silpl was coverin spawns pyotrosh came in his stug and covered veh spawn. We were at constant fire from every window, hole etc in that ab so i began to have casualties inside my 232 everyone was hurt but still alive and i was stilll driving and killin eis and making noise. We were there for 10 minutes and they finally got my gunner(crit demage rifleman i love 232 armor) so what else i got ? I've started to run eis over. I made reckless actions like impacting at full speed spawn entrance and i run over ei which decided to run out of it. I drove behind inf where few eis where lying on floor and i drove them over also. Was fun. Then finally our beloved infantry came so i've stoped near n ab hole. And using my hull i covered this entrance so inf could enter without harm from enemy spawn. Silpl and pyotrosh in this time covered inf and bunker. Pyotrosh used HE to make some disturbance in the force of bunker defenders. Our infantry smoked and rushed bunker and started to cap it. Then blen came and devastated silpl which btw had crit from sapper so blen didnt have count on him. Then bunker caped town our's. I rtbed with 12 kills i think and lot more demages (sadly kills not include those which i run over ) but gunner dead so no reserve, Pyotrosh was fine and also RTBed. Using cheap forces we manage to make real pain in *** to enemy and distract them effective enough to let our inf do the job. Action was very fun reckless and for the whole time we laughed at TS. Everything was fun even dead of my gunner to rifle fire
  14. Thx it seems it works
  15. LOL I wont sleep till campaign is over