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  1. How much more black can it get? Just curious.
  2. I've seen the MAS38 shoot way off a LOT on single shots, even while stationary and prone.
  3. Now midnight looks TOO bright. Also, Thick storm clouds really do make it dusk dark, dark enough to activate street lights, in fact. Also, Clear midnight and both cloudy states look the same. This is how I think the day/night/weather states should look. Heavy rain: Cloudy: Moon light: Sunny:
  4. Green. The current brown texture is so old that it looks bright, flourescent orange under the current lighting system.
  5. When I first laid eyes on 1.31, it was like my body was suddenly enveloped in an armor made of Tactical Bacon. Simply orgasmic!
  6. Mabye because the light source never actually changes position?
  7. It's because you are going from a hunkered stance to a proper shooting stance.