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  1. Try to overclock your memory with CPU too. 677Mhz mem is not much. 32bit XP doesn't understand more than 3Gb mem, so no need to buy more, unless you upgrade to W7. I wouldn't upgrade your CPU, just new, faster GPU and OC mem and CPU. Faster HDD does wonders too. 1Tb HDD's are quite cheap. I promise you will see difference after some old 320Gb HDD.... SDD is the way to go too, if you don't have big needs for space, some 64Gb - 80Gb SDD.
  2. If the HDD gives same results, no matter SATA2 or SATA3, there will be no difference what ever the game is. Best increase in performance you will get in SSD.
  3. I read few test about this and even HDD test programs don't see much(any) difference SATA2 or SATA3
  4. Flushdns didn't work on win7 but this worked on XP and win7.
  5. Mr.Freeze, set vista sp2 compability. worked for me. What is not working is unit and peoples names don't show up when setting cursor over them in map.
  6. I'm getting that same bug. Sound goes loop and game freezes for 2 to 5s. And audio control panel pops up and ask " did you plug in headphone?" and after that "did you plug in mic?". And this happens only when map open ingame or at brigade window(there is map whole time). -Q6600 -Gigabyte P5 platinum mobo -4gig ram -8800gt 512mb -AC888 audio(integrated in mobo) -win XP sp3 The bug game some time after last update. Installation ain't too old, since it had to be re-installed 1.30.
  7. You should check if MoBo supports 800Mhz. You can get 2Ghz at 25€ and I presume that would boost the performance greatly.
  8. What type of RAM? 800Mhz? Just wondering, cause that processor is from time that there could be older RAM too... If so, update that immediately
  9. I got in and still managed to join fight. The link from wiki was dead and did take some time to find out that otherway to start training....
  10. I had same problemo while ago. Pluggin it of from USB and then pluggin back --> problem solved. But you had to do it every time you started comp :/