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  1. Why there is no info on ww2 webpage? I doubt many will find fix from here. this worked.
  2. WHY STILL NO INFO ON FRONTPAGE!? I dont believe even half of players have ever been on support forum. Hell some dont even understand english well. GET SOME FARKING INFO TO FRONTPAGE. What is this north-korea? **** up something and you need to just hide it? There is nothing to see here... geesh. Rant over. This rant is not for support managers. Only for CRS! TIME TO WAKE UP!
  3. Yeah but no info on hes audio capabilities. Depends also what youre comparing. By pure power I win Also x58 maybe brings 0.5% speed compared to other p67 mobos. But yes all in all he still wins even if has crappy audio setup (wich I hope he doesnt. That would be a bummer with other equipment good as that).
  4. Hold on youre horses. Intel 2600K @ 5000mhz ati 5870 oc (dont remember clocks) 2x4gb 1666 ddr3 corsair ssd 128gb c-drive intel-x25 2x1gb raid0 640gb another 2x1gb raid0 640gb mb asrock extreme 6 asus essence stx soundcard sennheiser 650pro headphones CH fighterstick 26" fujitsu siemens Logitech G15 Logitech G9x
  5. Dont know what problem matamor has but doubt that windows is really showing you correct info on cpu usage. This game supports only one core. It might show that its using 50% on one core and 50% on second one or if quad it might show 4x25%. So best option for this game would be to have one core with very high clocks. I actually bought 2600k and overclocked it to 5ghz. It supports Hyper-threading (shows that I have 8 cores). Disabling HT actually gained FPS:s for this game. Also with my core2duo e8500 1.32->1.33 didnt drop any fps for me. Anyways if you want this game to work flawlessly I recommend 2500k or 2600k min 50fps all the way baby!
  6. There is a sticky post up there. Several people having same issue and same "fix" helps.
  7. Thank you. Another player had same problem. I instructed to try this and it helped! He was constantly having out of memory error! TRY THIS!
  8. Working. Also 10.2 betas work. (rc3)
  9. It wont work. Game will run just fine but it will only use one gpu. I tested it with 2x4870.
  10. Here is an better and faster link for working driver to ati 5000 series (and 4000 should work too)
  11. Here is an better an faster link:
  12. These 9.12 drivers work for me 5870 with no problems! Btw. that download link stops download often. Might want to use free download manager. Couldnt get downloaded without it. (it will let you continue download even it if stops)
  13. It was about 2mounths from open beta to release? The info you released earlyer if I remember correst?
  14. Btw I dont think ati new drivers support 9000 series anymore! You do use this 9.8 drivers right?〈=English