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  1. I had one day that netcode2 worked quite well. Got CTHL about once, sometimes twice per hour. Now in matter of hours netcode2 started to fail again and it results again in CTHL in couple of minutes from entering gameworld. Has CTHL-funfun returned to anyone else? Update: After an hour the problem went away (although the netcode2 still fails occasionally and then the connection breaks. Probably the problem is here, not there.
  2. I see your point oneeagle, but in this case it is hard to blame the ISPs for the CTHLs that started to occur for plenty of players about a week ago. I understand that many are so frustrated because of the unstabilities in the game connections -For example when the new patch came out, I myself had just started to play again after the "christmas patch" which made the game quite unplayable for me.
  3. I tried Mingbat's advice, but didn't work in my case. Netcode2 made game quite stable for me, but after the latest patch netcode2 just doesn't work(check your firewall settings... blahblah) and I have been getting CTHL's after 0-20 minutes of gameplay. I have tried with and without a router and also with my old computer(armed with the fearsome Geforce4mx)/fresh install of the game without any success.