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  1. EVIL GENIUS seeks minions to sacrifice their lives In WW11 OL domination attempt. Must be prepared to work 24-7 for fascist psychopath for close to NO pay. Messy death inevitable but costumes and laser death rays provided. NO WEIRDOs.......................
  2. truth madrebel if ever I heard it, was here with a front row seat
  3. Im so old I remember a tunnel in game I think that means they can do underground if they choose
  4. The LW never dies its just changes AFs Apr 2001
  5. Boom Boom Boom Splat SideOut LOL U ever hear from DJ?
  6. Cant believe yall still above ground. Jr member hahahahahhaha apr2001 baby
  7. Find any of us and join us in some missions on T S bro
  8. Get in the air, on channels 55 or 20 depending on side and start chattin people up. Find out whos flying and start doggin them around. Ask to join their comms on TS ( even Ive never been refused,LOL) We dont bite. All the air squads take pilots, especially now days that our numbers have been so dramatically decreased. 2 eyes are wayyyyyyy cool if ur a cyclops, if ur a pilot 2 aint nearly enough Y0U are the future here, not us.
  9. same here waitted forever to load then this......REINSTALL patch......seriously Doc?
  10. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did a 6 hr stint, 6-8 missions, few kills, it all looked the same to me. 90fps sitting inside hanger, 170 in the air cruising, 250 looking up. Was asking squaddie why all the crying in forums........................server went down LOL I LOVE CRS, this game and mota. but not in that order
  11. Im as old as dirt here, help me plz. Im ready to download game on a brand new rig I just finished building for ur game (#6 over 11 yrs) Its 64 bit, has mega RAM (16GB) Phenom II x6 1100t, Sabertooth ASUS MoBo. I installed latest N Videa vid card driver for my Evga GTX 9800 1gb. IYHO.....any tips.........Im scared....been watching while building last 3 months and seen all the chatter, I missed all the torture it seems you all been going thru, was hoping you had some tips for the old weak and bald, Dont do it is not an option, I MUST fly ! Thank you
  12. Jg 2 If you are looking for a Luftwaffe squad that focuses on the air war, including tactical bombing but in particular Fighter combat, then JG2 is for you. We have Many current members and are looking to expand in order to really take the fight to the allies. We in particularly encourage any player, new or old, interested in learning the ins and outs of the air war to sign on with us. We will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. We incorporate voice comms as a rule and encourage teamwork. We can be contacted at Alternatively anyone interested in joining can contact any of the following, via forums Private Messages for info. Phenom CO Sunz Adj. Pusicato Grp Kmdr Aces7 Flight Ld. Bogol Flight Ld. __________________ __________________