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  1. Excellent...thnx Zeke !!! S!
  2. and had to reinstall everything. Now when I put my cursor over towns with Brigades the brigades dont show. Also when flying and I put cursor over others on the mission on the map no info shows. All used to show. Ive checked settings and cant find anything ref this. Any info on this??
  3. If possible, you need to report it ingame as it is happening. That way the GMs & myself can try to gather the information we need as it is happening. Hope that helps.
  4. lmao...been reinstalling XP most of day myself. IMO it is best to just download the game again and do a freash install. That's what I will be doing anyway.
  5. Try this maybe? I'm on my third one I just got from this site. It's brand new & in the original box. If they would lower the price another 50 I'd buy another. Been using this stick since I started playing this game in 06/01. Love it. Don't care for the pedals & all that others use. Edit: opps...forgot the link
  6. Got my XPS 700 last week, it is GREAT for this game!! Previous machine had a P4 1.5 with 1 gig of ram & 256 meg nVidia card. Was only getting 15 - 35 fps at best. New Dell machine is: Intel Core2 Duo processor E6700 (2.67Ghz, 1066FSB) w/Dual Core Tech and 4MB cache. 2GB DDR2 SDRAM @ 667 MHz. 20" Digital flat panel. Dual 256 mb nVidia 7900 GS. 250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w data burst cache. MS Media Center. 16xDVD-ROM & 16x DVD RW X-Fi PCI Sound Card All the warranty etc. you mentioned here. And YES, your specs will run this game with EXCELLENT FPS. I am currently getting 85 - 135 FPS, on the ground and while flying. Very little lag or stutters on my DSL.
  7. *at least* a/ dial up b/ ALL three = CTHL c/ none No file sharing used
  8. I also am in the same situation as Nibvikin and I have played this game on dial up since 06/12/03. However, I also have been getting the CTHL recently and am unable to play. I have submitted a "trouble ticket" and am waiting for a fix hopefully. What most people don't understand is that just because "we" have a 56k modem does NOT mean you can get a 56k coneection. Matter of fact most cannot. The best I can achieve is about 26k. Ref the satelite for this game, I have read the FAQs for them all, including the newest one advertised on DirecTV, Hughes. And ALL of them do not recommend satelite for gaming. Matter of fact, there used to be a squad mate that had satelite & used it for Teamspeak. The lag was SO bad even for TS that it was not usable. Now I have a question. "They" are building a cell phone tower less than a 1/4 mile from me. Is it possible to connect a PC to the internet thru a cell phone tower? And if so, how?