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  1. I'll fly one of the F-14s from the Nimitz that goes back in time. If those spots are all taken, I'll spawn a Stuka.
  2. I would probably start with the National Archives rather than the Army, but I don't know for sure.
  3. OK, it was the router in my case. Just flew all night tonight (not very well though) and didn't have a problem until I logged out.
  4. Yesterday I was trying to get a feel for the E1 and so I logged in to TS with a wingman and went up for a sortie. Did pretty well (didn't die), but after about 15 minutes I locked up for a second, then got the "connection to host lost" message. I tried to tell my wingman, but TS dumped too. I tried it two more times with the same results. Much later in the night I logged in without TS and the same result. Each time it happened, I lost internet connection altogether, but was able to restore it by powering down and then restarting the modem. At first I thought it might be the weather, as we had freezing rain here last night, but is there a way to test a cable internet modem? Is there anything else that might be causing the problem, like the ethernet card? Motorola SB5120 SURFboard cable modem and it's about 4 years old.
  5. and cannot be updated. I have had this problem before, and short of uninstalling the whole game and reinstalling (which I've done several times before), is there a quick fix?
  6. Excellent thread! Tzulscha, The overall color is RAL 8020.
  7. Hey SVT, is that what I think those are in the back? Looks to me like: (L to R) SVT, K98, 39/40, yes? What's the difference between Tokerev and SVT, is it the same thing?
  8. I have to agree with a few other posters in this thread. While your motives, no doubt are good, you could be doing more harm to the piece of history than good. Powerwashing, for example would be a no no. Nothing like a little high pressure water to rip some of that 60 year old brittle rubber off the treads and wheels, not to mention putting water where it normally doesn't accumulate during normal precipitation. Wire brush and grinding??? That's one of the worst things you could do. Unless you plan to restore it to running condition, soap, water and light sanding over the existing paint prior to a new coat of paint (with accurate unit markings for 3rd Armored Div.) is about the best that you can do for an outdoor static display.
  9. Thanks! I'll try that when I get home.
  10. I reformatted my HD and just loaded the game again, (loaded OLD cd, then installed playgate then the full install). I had some performance issues during the game, so I exited the game to check my settings. I have two folders for the game in my start menu, "Strategy First" and "Playnet", both have "settings" launch. Problem is, for both, they have "######" for the text on most of the tabbed pages. I'm running XP Pro and I have just downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers (77.77 I think) Asus P4T533 Mobo P4 2.54 processor 512 Mb Rambus RAM GeForce Ti4400