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  1. MY apologies I can't MAke it.. THought I could doit but 3 am on a Monday workday Is Just too hard for me sorry Hope it goes well Sw1 Ps goreblimey said he would fill in form me
  2. Join me up pls . I will do whatever is required. I would prefer to lead an attack if possible.
  3. Came on last night my time. Everyone knows it as TZ3. HC silent apart from the odd .allied need boots now nonsense. Or if you want to win get on discord garbage. Hc left without a word just POOF ! gone Allies then Held Antwerp Central > won Antwerp North > won Etain > won stenay . With no HC basically until the end Of etain Ao. Same HC came back plus a cpl more, 4 Hc total 0 comms 0 coordination on the side chat or any chat. Went up to 2 Aos Both Set With No setup No communication other than .Allied Get here now/ Need boots NOW/ Need missions NOw blah blah blah after the Ao has set. IS that how its done NOW? do we not setup Aos before placing? FAll back is get on discord // we will never win if we don't all get on discord excuse. What BS basic coordination and motivation is HC primary role especially now you don't have to Worry about flag moves and Timers. However, that is done Doesn't matter BUt if you have 4 HC on discord and very FEW players You need to get the MEssage Out and organise. Its not good enough to be silent and Do nothing other than Blame the players. Is it really practical to have 20 or more ppl, on 1 discord channel? can you imagine the chatter, how the F can you play effectively with that background noise? HC has never been easier from what I can see. I like the changes, it makes the fight winnable for both defence and attack. But nothing has changed the better team/side will win most fights if the POp is Not totally out of whack. Discord Is useful and has its place BUT Don't expect to Win anything if your message isn't getting where it needs to go.
  4. i know a few who have un subbed but keep playing using a free account. The reasons for un subbing are as varied as the gripes we all hear about. I think the reduction in overall player numbers is the bottom line reason, it just exaggerates the flaws, everything seems worse than it really is because 5 v 10 is very different to 20 v 30 etc the larger the overall population the less it frustrates because you will always have people willing to def a flag bust an fb drive in that fms . And when I say FLaws, well nothing is perfect and there never be a point when everyone is happy. I use Side Chat more than most as Hc I think mostly because I rarely use discord. I play late at night when everyone else is asleep. I am concerned at the idea SIe chat should be disabled in some way, however . allied would do the same job I guess. And we do get a fair amount of flack when the gear runs out It is hard to keep up the Side momentum without constant requests for the task to be undertaken. Again when the population is higher these jobs get done because you have more of every type of player new and old. willing and unwilling. Xoom I have given my time to cover late TZ3 HC for many years and have been a subscriber without break since day 1. I do not have time to be a constant contributor to forums and back of HOUSe HC matters however I do give all the time I have. Recently some sort of CRS sanctioned purge and brushed aside those of who do what we can when we can IN some sort of CLEAN out operation. This to me seems very disrespectful and as far as I can see another example of us shooting ourselves in the foot. I would suggest that many of those less active HC are most likely going to think ok well ill just unsub and play for free until i feel its worthwhile again. I don't feel that way and will continue. A little unwanted is all i feel !! it's this sort of thing that makes me consider the time I give to the game. as long as i am having fun i will continue. Overall still HAve fun most likely I will drop out of HC and just go SOLO for a bit. SW1
  5. The Most constructive common sense thread ever. SALUTE POTTHEAD 1,2,3,4,5,6 ? how many are there? I may drag the tone down a little But ... I have played with and against POTTHEAD , mostly against on many occasions. I know we think alike so its no surprise I feel exactly the same way about the EBB & flow of the campaign. Its noted that some current AHC Seniors are absent from comment in this most basic understanding of what drives the success of a side at any time. This may explain the theory being the current AHC restructure. Then MEMO reads WHAT we must do is get active ON DISCORD/SLACK/FORUMS to be effective leaders. Be a good little general and we will pat you on the HEAD every now and then with a medal or two. Those things are just part of the process, a sideshow for those that like to pontificate about what everyone else should be doing. NOthing you DO in the FOrums effects the game. If you don't get past the READY ROOM you get nothing done. As someone said we have too many chiefs and not enough INDIANS. or too many chiefs having a nap and not enough Indians. To many talk the talk. People who move the map KNOW about momentum and how to massage a gradual rise in confidence and willingness to win the Fight. Nothing affects the game more than a willing CREW and MOIC with a sensible plan who looks a few towns ahead. We all have own way but the end result is what matters. I am sick of people who DO NOTHING in the actual game day to day on the coal face, telling Others what to DO and how to do it. ITS a GAMe, not a job. if you think You have the answer get in the GAME BE the MOIC and show the way. OTHER wise it just more White noise to me. A dull whiney sound in the distance like the new TRUCK audio seriously irritating. SW1 PICK A FLAG AND FIGHT FOR IT..
  6. Hi All, i see the benefits of the changes. And hope they have the desired effect. Imagine the impacts of Human nature on the following. The player looks at webmap or logs in and sees his side is getting flogged. The players thinks i had better join in an help my side. Or the player thinks i want to do the flogging and not be flogged and joins the stronger side. or i am not going to log in unless my side is winning. If you don't think this step isn't the most crucial in what happens in the game next/now you are bonkers. For some reason, there seems to be far less loyalty to a side, especially with new players. and very little determination to get stuck in a fight for your side no matter what is going on. Maybe its a generational thing i don't know, i just see the changes proposed as worthwhile but if players have no loyalty supply in every town won't help if none is there to use it. It may even add fuel to the fire. if the side is dominating and is drawing in players only looking for easy kills. Every town has garrison supply, therefore the easy kills will come even more if only a few; log in to the weaker side and try to fight back. at present, this cant happen in a town with no supply. Perhaps incentivization of team/side loyalty could be considered. Ie you nominate your side pre-campaign, at the start you get (something) that you lose if you swap sides or gain something the longer you stay. SW1
  7. That is correct and exactly what happened. Axis regained both abs and so regained control even though we recaptured 1 ab before move took place. Axis had ownership, unfortunately. Was a good fight for a change. Quedos to the axis for not letting it go we had it down to 1 flag and then it slipped out of our grasp.
  8. My apologies was Away for the Weekend and no access to a pc .
  9. Well Whoops yeah , What a Nob i am LOL
  10. Thanks Zoom and Co for jumping on this when it became clear it was a mistake. What makes this game stand out for me in comparison to other games is the team work. Team work Wins. OP and Team Work always wins . Sorting out how to prevent Huge OP for one side is the Holy Grail. Then it will always be the Best team that wins. Sw1
  11. CAP TIMER iS a MISTAKE ... DONT like it at all I wont be back until thats changed. Totally FUBAR
  12. AXIS took brussels in less than 10 mins . The reduced cap timer from 8 min to 30 SEC with 1 capper is the reason. I DONT LIKE it at ALL I wont be back until that is changed. Hard enough trying to get ppl defending as it is . It doesnt encourage or reward Team Work.