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  1. One of the biggest reasons I won't always bother with towns when under popped is not being able to get out and fight. Town fighting in this game (for me) is awful even 1v1, 1v2 just amplifies this, worse when the town is camped. I like the idea of unlocking all supply for everyone on the under pop side, whether FTP or just not ranked up yet. Just a few other ideas popping into my head whilst typing: Turn off death stats for the under pop side, it makes me feel like I'm wasting supply if I'm constantly dieing just trying to get out of a spawn, players might feel a bit better if there isn't a public record of that. Ok, I'll feel better ;-) Tell both sides, in game, not just before spawn, that they're over pop / under pop and that units have been unlocked (or what ever's gets done to mitigate this). Open the rear FB to the town, or better still maybe enable a FMS placed x km behind the town to spawn armour, spread the load away from the town so players have the chance to counter attack and the enemy can't just concentrate on a small amount of CP's. Make grenades actually kill or seriously injure anyone in the room where it's thrown... Timers arent really the issue here imo, if you increase for the over pop side all you're doing is increasing the pain of not being able get out of a spawn half the time, then even if you get to a CP, you're faced with 1v2/3/4. I don't know what the answer is with CP's, it's an awful mechanic that has always needed serious attention and thought. Make attacking possible as well, nothing worse than spending days constantly defending. Maybe turn off EWS for the under popped side on their AO's. It's a tricky issue, what ever you do will end up pissing someone off somewhere. Most of all, don't punish the over popped side, reward the under popped side.
  2. I don't think this would be an option, I know I'd still not want anything to do with moving flags around even if I was able to as a normal player, I wouldn't enjoy the abuse when I got it wrong, which I would, a lot. That's the problem with any player run system like flags, the vast majority of players have zero interest in doing this, they just want to get in and fight. So if you had no HC on and no player willing to step up, you still have the same flawed system. I'm nervous about how this will work as most probably are, but what we have isn't working most of the time at the moment and letting any senior player move flags would be as disastrous as the current restricted system is. Heck, half the time I'm not even that bothered which way the map is moving, as long as I can get a fair battle, that's all I mostly care about, and I'm willing to bet an awful lot of players feel the same.
  3. Rolled back to Nvidia driver version 375.63 (3 drivers back) and all works fine. (Uninstall, reboot, install 375.63) To test I re-installed the latest version 376.19 (actually new one today), problem returns, extremely slow starting up and laggy interface to the point where each click was taking a minute or so to register. Have posted to support ticket as well, definitely something up with the game and the newest Nvidia drivers. Edit: 375.95 works ok as well, but anything in 376.x produces the same lag
  4. That's the same as I'm seeing. I have a support ticket logged at the moment, if I get anywhere I'll post back.
  5. I'm running Windows 10 on a laptop with an Nvidia 860M, game has been fine up until an OS reinstall today, although I hadn't run the new release yet. Installed the latest Nvidia game ready drivers (376.09), installed the game to a SSD on C, run the Nvidia settings to set the primary GFX from an integrated Intel 4600 GFX chip to the Nvidia 860M, run the game settings, GFX set to Nvidia (only option), run the game and it takes several minutes to even load, the status bar takes forever to creep up loading textures etc. Sometimes the red status bar shoots up to the end but the game won't load (left it a few minutes and it does load eventually, but can't do anything in game), sometimes the status bar creeps up really slow. Turn the Nvidia settings to auto select card and the game defaults to the integrated Intel GFX chip in settings, game loads in a couple seconds, but GFX look rubbish on the Intel. Can't see why it's doing this, other games run fine (Mafia 3 @ 50 FPS!), but WWIIOL only seems to load properly on the Intel integrated GFX chip. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling to another hybrid SSD, same issue with load time. Any suggestions? System specs: Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 1607 (build 14393.0) 2.80 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4810MQ SanDisk 256 GB SSD WD 1GB Hybrid SSD drive 16GB RAM Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
  6. That'll be the only one I get then. Must post boobs in OT.
  7. Member reputation is (I think) based on the amounts of likes a post gets? Odd though, as I noticed Wingmann has a -2 reputation. I see a box around the quote, but I'm using the default theme as I didn't really get on with the WWIIOL one, they're working on other themes I think. You can change the theme right at the bottom middle of the page. You can use the + button at the bottom left of a post to multi quote from another thread, just click it and then browse to other thread, click the quote pop up bottom right of the screen and it pastes them into the preview at the bottom of the page. Like below, one quote from one thread, one from this one.
  8. @XOOM @Dodger Nice to see the upgrade efforts, long over due on the forums! Just one observation: There's a bit too much scrolling, especially on smaller screens. There seems to be a fad in the latest design techniques that puts huge media and massive gaps between things, it really sucks on smaller screened devices. Check it out on a phone screen, the whole screen is image/description on first visit. The forum and post info needs to be on one line if possible on tablets and maybe just hidden completely on phone screens, most of the forum titles are self explanatory already, don't need another 5 lines of description. I'm typing this on a tablet and after the keyboard pops up, a third of the screen is taken up with 'World War II Online' in a blue(?) bar. Just an observation, one you've probably already noticed, and thanks for updating!
  9. I thought it used to be less as well tbh, but everytime i remove any convergance settings it defaults back to 400!
  10. Just done a quick test in offline mode. I went through each countries planes and set conv to 101 thru to 108 for each fighter, then bombers 201+ etc., then quit the game, the wwiionline.xml file is only updated once you have quit, it then looks like it's read back in to the game when you start it up. Then reading through each conv from 101 upwards you can work out which plane has which code. Tried online with the same wwiionline.xml and the ones I tested all seemed ok in the online version. When you spawn a plane, it re-saves the conv back to the wwiionline.xml when you exit the game even if you haven't changed anything in game. That will all need confirming, I haven't been back through it all to make sure! The default conv seems to be set to 400m for all planes if there is nothing in your wwiionline.xml file, you definitely can't change it in the keymapper any more, it just defaults to 400 on my system. If you do it in the xml or in game, it seems to stick though. I tested a couple planes in game, and it does seem to be 400, not 0 (100 is the minimum anyway?), if you set conv 100, 400, 800 and spawn in game for each, you can see the difference just firing in the air. This is all on just one rig though, it's possible others may be seeing different results, but all looks ok on my end. Incidently, if you set the file to read only, the game won't re-write any settings (including game settings!) back to the file and it should be safe. You can also place in each line an additional value as below and the game doesn't seem to complain when it reads it back in at start up: <value name="convergence.25633" plane="Blenheim Mk IV" type="long" value="250"/> Just makes it easier to know which code does which plane if you ever edit the xml file. Or you could put them all in another text file so you can copy and paste them in as and when, game will just remove the plane entry and leave the conv settings alone.
  11. i think the biggest problem with all engines in game is the different 'levels' of sound, I'm sure there used to be more before the sound updates a few years ago. All engines seem to have only 2 or 3 levels, and the last level seems to be far too loud at too far a distance, so when you stand next to an engine it appears to be almost the same volume as when the engine is 500m+ away (guessing, approx). Don't know if its even possible, but thats what needs sorting imo. But careful what you ask for, that would actually cause engines to be far more easily located than they are now, which is actually difficult in game atm as you know its there, but its very hard to know how far away it is as it sounds like you are stood next to it. And until the FMS is in game, hopefully not long, FRUs should stay truck based. MLs being able to place infinite FRUs was a really bad idea, even with timers. Theres far more teamwork now (at least on the Allied side) than there ever was with ML placed FRUs.
  12. Yeah, I'd not seen it in a very long time, I vaguely remembered it is supposed to prioritise as you said, but don't know if that ever applied to AA ground units.
  13. The old disappearing air contacts has reared it's head again since the WBS campaign started due to the fantastic influx of players (nice job CRS!). Is there any way to prioritise how contacts are rendered to different units? Last night in Andenne was so busy that as a CMLE 38 I was seeing air blink in and out but dozens of friendly ground units I didn't really need to see. Every time an enemy air unit showed, 3 seconds later it blinked out. I don't remember a game setting that can do this, so is there any way that CRS could decrease the amount of friendly ground units shown and increase air units if you're in a AA gun? I do vaguely remember something about this years ago, but wondered if anything had changed with the code updates that might make it feasible. If not, it's definitely something that should be kept in mind for WWIIOL 2.0. I know this depends on how many of the returning players stay, but imagine how frustrating this could be for a new player trying out an AA gun, could be a make or break moment when the Steam client gets released. I know, in the grand scheme of things it's not that important, less than keeping the current population as high as it is now, but was just curious!
  14. Being blown up by you're own satchel charge. Yes I have done that more than once...
  15. Don't delay, enlist today!