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  1. Great news! Welcome back!
  2. That's great, welcome back!!
  3. I'd be in for a hero builder account in the next few months once I get through my wedding! Maybe the Rats already do this, but it would be cool to see exactly where funds are being allocated as hero builder accounts are mini-investors in a way.
  4. Good luck and have a little fun at training! This game and community will be here for you when you get back.
  5. The problem I see with introducing the Eastern Front is that it would split the player base as you'd have to separate battle lines occurring simultaneously, unless I'm misunderstanding. Perhaps bringing the game to more European gaming markets (Russia) would help this issue.
  6. I think that's a great idea...targeting WWII enthusiasts. This is in Pennsylvania? How about posting ads in WW2 magazines and other publications?
  7. I think getting the subreddit going with more users and more discussion topics would be a great idea, david01. And also target other subreddits (r/pcgaming, r/gaming, r/mmo, etc) with posts and get as many people as possible to keep the discussion going in a specific thread with AARs, videos and immersive battle stories. Speaking from experience, old players may be looking for new information about the game outside of the ww2ol website...and reddit is the next place I stopped. How about targeted marketing campaigns to folks we think are the most likely to be interested in the game? Reenactor groups and forums: http://www.worldwartwohrs.org/, http://ww2reenactors.proboards.com/ , etc..... WW2 aviation, tank and infantry forums: https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/ , etc...Other ww2-themed games, not just online but single-player game forums. I think this game speaks to a player demographic that might be slightly older than average, focused on simulation and historical accuracy and not instant gratification...but you all know this already. There is no other game that compares to WW2ol and the possibility of getting more players into the battle is exciting...I can't begin to image how a major battle from the early days would play out now!!
  8. Hey oldzeke...not sure if your comment was for me. I have been using the 1.35 play online link.
  9. Hmmm...I was able to log into the game world this morning before the 1.35 release. I just created a F2P sub...but when I try to log in the system says username not found. I then decided to try buying a one month sub ($17.99) on this premium account just so I could get into the game...still not letting me use any personas. And now my billing says next renewal date is November 2013. No idea what is going on...really want to get into the game and try this out.
  10. Signed back up this week (F2P) with my old account. Logged in successfully, but all personas are in red and say "subscription locked".
  11. yeah I'm getting the same thing here...
  12. JPHartt!! Whats up man! Thanks Xoom...And sorella...I'm a hurricanes fan. Unfortunately we couldnt win last night with carey price out!
  13. That worked and I'm in! thanks guys!
  14. Thanks for your help! I am running as administrator and drivers appear up to date. I just ran the intel driver update utility. System specs: Name: Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz Manufacturer: Intel Speed: 2.2 GHz Category: Performance Generation: 9th Brand: Core i7 2nd Gen Cores: 4 Name: NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Chipset: GeForce GT 525M Manufacturer: NVIDIA Memory: 1024 MB Category: Budget Generation: 16th DirectX: 11 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit
  15. Hey everyone, I am a returning player (it has been a long while!) and I'm trying to get into the game. I am having an issue with loading into the actual game world. My current machine is a dell hp xps (2011) laptop. I'm fairly confident the computer meets system requirements. I am able to sign on and select persona, mission, unit. I click to enter the game world and the loading screen appears. After several seconds, the game closes and sends me back to the desktop. I've adjusted the game settings to 'best performance', but still having the same issue. Any ideas? Thanks!