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  1. Yea. Soon after posting this thread I noticed OHM sticky thread about billing issues and made second ticket about these payment problems.
  2. I have problem with paying with paybycash offline payment service. It gives me error when I try to pay with it. I made complaint to playnet service a week ago. So far nothing has happened. I cannot pay with paybycash.
  3. I asked about possibility of getting multicrew request list in Rat Chat - Question collection thread. I would still be interested to know if that can be made? It would make WWIIonline much more exciting when there would be easy way to multicrew vehicles/ships/cannons. It is good news that multicrewing is fixed in 1.35 (mentioned in Gophur question section). I was hoping that this multicrew request list would be easy to create and would have large impact on gameplay making it high priority to create. Link to my question: http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?p=6720101#post6720101 Here is list of different kind of multicrew requests that could be in this multicrew request list: a. cannon needs tow vehicle b. tow vehicle needs cannon c. tank needs gunner d. ship needs gunner e. airplane needs tailgunner f. transport plane needs parachutists g. transport plane needs air support h. low ranking player needs mission for him. Answering this request could open private chat or something.
  4. Often microtransactions are understood as pay to win model. You pay extra cash and get better gear than others. I understand microtransactions as pay to look cool model. You pay extra cash to look cool or to get customized look.
  5. I read through these questions and answers in Rat Chat 2014 After Action Report. In Gophur section there are two questions. "QUESTION: Are there any plans for some kind of microtransactions to WWII Online?" "QUESTION: Do you have any plans for customizable outfits, vehicle / infantry decals, etc?" Answer to first question was that there is no plans for microtransactions. Answer to second question was there are plans but no time to make them. Aren't these two answers mixed with each other? Customizable outfits vehicle / infantry decals, etc are microtransaction ideas. Only fool would make these free. Here is link to Rat Chat 2014 After Action Report: http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/index.php/component/content/article/23-reports/14378-rat-chat-2014-after-action-report I created this thread because I couldn't get my stuff in 250 characters that is limit for Rat Chat 2014 After Action Report comments.
  6. Here is WWIIonline history from my perspective: 1. I bought WWIIonline from shop. It promised WWII simulation with all weapon branches. I was little disappointed when there was only 3 weapon branches and tanks didn't get their own branch. 2. From the start it was hard to find decent payment method for subsciption. I found out that Bibit offered bank transfer without asking my bank account number online. That was acceptable. 3. I had to update my computer back then when I bought WWIIonline because old computer couldn't run WWIIonline. WWIIonline was exciting enough that I bought new computer. 4. In early game most fun came from multicrewing vehicles like tanks, cannons, airplanes and fairmiles. Multicrewing was easy because there was multicrew request list that connected all multicrew requests together. 5. I took break from WWIIonline. I lost all motivation. When I came back multicrew request list had vanished and appearance of WWIIonline had turned to yellow. Multicrewing was no longer easy thing to arrange. Squads were brought to center of game experience and I hated squads over everything. They caused long waiting times for attacks and when we finally got moving enemy knew where we were. Also 64 visible unit limit didn't support large concentrated attacks. Squad system made WWIIonline too serious business. For me WWIIonline is primarily entertainment. 6. I took few more breaks and came back over years. Destroyers came to WWIIonline but it was very hard to get multicrew for them without multicrew request list and that's why they never were very fun to play. 7. Mobile Spawn and later FRU came in for infantry. That was positive change and so was depot spawning. 8. Bibit payment service was taken away and I was unable to pay my subsciption anymore because suitable payment method was no longer available. 9. At summer 2013 I found out that there were new payment method for WWIIonline. Paysafecard via PayByCash. I decided to come back. This time I decided to just play few hours per week because game mechanic don't keep interest up longer. I usually want to make support missions like repairing destroyed AI. I try to tow cannons but often I don't find anyone to tow. I make missions for people who don't have rank for it. 10. Over years there were few free play events and I came back then. I noticed that there were little progress in how motivating game mechanics is. 11. I have noticed that multicrew is now broken completely and it cannot be used anymore. I always had dream that multicrewing could ease 64 visible unit limit in WWIIonline since two people are tied to one unit. 12. I still find base game mechanic interesting in WWIIonline. The biggest issue is different kind of multicrew requests (see below): a. cannon needs tow vehicle b. tow vehicle needs cannon c. tank needs gunner d. ship needs gunner e. airplane needs tailgunner f. transport plane needs parachutists g. transport plane needs air support h. low ranking player needs mission for him. Answering this request could open private chat or something. 13. Positive change is that squad system has lost its power. Engineers are now able to fix AI which is great. Sea and air brigades have now ground units which makes getting rank for them easier and increases their usefulness. Capture buildings don't have radios anymore which is great. 14. Negative change is that private chat is now harder. Earlier I was able to write player name to channel name and I could use it for private chat. 15. Early days there was cool animation at beginning of WWIIonline loading. There was rat that was driven to corner and then it took out handguns and started firing with them. 16. Early years I sometimes started WWIIonline in offline mode and abused its collision mechanics with cannons. I laughed enourmous amount when cannons jumped weirdly. The funniest think happened once when I pulled Pak 36 to stairs and it bumped off from stairs so hard it flew in middle of garage field and there it bounced to air(!) and flew over garage building. 17. With earlier AI MG tower I was able to "climb" to tower. There was somekind of bug that allowed me climb to tower when I was crawling on ground. What is your WWIIonline history like?
  7. Each infantry soldier can build fortification. Simple microtransaction idea is that you could get account bind picture that appears to each type of fortification when you build one. This way pictures don't eat so much wall space from buildings and pictures are easily available.
  8. Today I had chance to be gunner for tank so I was able to see how it lags and lag it did. When tank was moving screen stopped upgrading constantly. FPS meter however showed that screen was updating normal way. When tank stopped moving lag vanished completely. Earlier years there wasn't this kind of problem and multicrewing worked fine. There was also multicrew request list that made finding multicrew buddy easy. I also remember something about multicrewing earlier years. I noticed years ago that when I was multicrewing I saw two tank pictures on map. Other tank picture was left behind in map and then it took step and joined with other tank picture. Then it was left behind again and then it took step to join other tank picture. This cycle was repeated as long as tank was moving. I hope multicrewing could be fixed and multicrew request list returned but I assume that's not gonna happen
  9. Teamspeak is not working. I had problem connecting server yesterday and today. I connect to teamspeak using link in below thread. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=412635
  10. Swag store link is not visible directly in WWIIonline home page. Would it be wise to make it visible directly in WWIIonline home page and not just hidden in menu?
  11. I noticed few months back that WWIIonline has opened Swag store that sells T-shirts and mugs and stuff like that. I noticed it first when I was going through links in WWIIonline home page. I came back few months ago to WWIIonline. During years I have received few posts from WWIIonline and I have read them with great interest to see what's going on. I now went through these posts again and noticed that there is no Swag store email in them. Would it be wise to send old customers email that tells them about existence of swag store and what it sells? Swag store does not require WWIIonline subsciption so anyone can buy stuff from it. Some people might not find time to join WWIIonline but might still be interested in WWIIonline products. I found information about Swag store only because I went through all links in WWIIonline home page.
  12. WWIIonline is a realistic world war II simulation and MMO game. It has no competition. There are also lots of world war II related books, comic books and other stuff for sale in world. Could it be wise to create connection between WWIIonline and companies that sell other world war II materials? They could advertise WWIIonline and WWIIonline could advertise their products. I first got this idea several years ago but today I finally got it released. In Finland there are world war II comic books for sale called Korkeajännitys. They are known for their occational funny german language comments.
  13. I recently was attacking allied town with PAK38. I was about 1 km away from town on hill and watching closely town. Friendly soldier was running to town and I shot two AIs down at town. When friendly soldier ran to town he disappeared after about 600-800 meters from me. He then marked enemy cannon on map in front of me about 1km away from me. I was watching closely that town and I was unable to see that cannon and it was marked on area where I had open view. I also saw some heavy weapon fire coming but I didn't see source of it. Finally I was killed by enemy airplane. Is there somekind of problem with viewing distance in WWIIonline? Earlier years I made lots of kills with long range shots. Now I was unable to see any movement in enemy town that was little over 1km range from me. Off course enemy could have been hiding well somewhere but friendly soldier and his name vanished about 600-800 meters from me so I thought there could be same kind of limitation with viewing range of enemy units too. I understand that system can only show limited amount of units at a time. This is why it would be important that there's some kind of priority what is shown and what is not. Friendly units and enemy units could have different viewing distances. Also large units could be seen longer range than small units (destroyer vs infantry). Friendly infantry could be invisible to airplanes.
  14. There is ammo request command in WWIIonline but it works bad. I propose each ammo truck driver could receive ammo requests to 1 km from where they are made. This would be same as calling ammo with radio. This would bring more things to do for ammo truck driver / APC driver. Now same thing is done with private messages so this new functionality would make requesting ammo automatic. Ammo truck/APC driver would see on map all ammo requests to 1 km.
  15. There are nice pictures at each Army Base walls. I presume they are CRS employees. Could there be chance for players to have their own customized house in WWIIonline map? You could get your own pictures on walls of one building in one city in WWIIonline map. This would be paid service and bring cash to CRS. I suppose Army Bases could be used for that too. CRS employee pictures are replaced in one Army Base with WWIIonline players own pictures that are approved by CRS (so there are no dirty pictures there).