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  1. I re-subbed a couple days ago and none of my controllers are recognized by the game. I was surprised to see there wasn't any kind of update when i opened the game for the first time in 6 months. Nothing changed at all except for the fact that my controllers don't work anymore. The controllers do work and are detectable by windows.....just nothing in game. Any help would be cool! Ian
  2. Man, i have always been an ATI fan but i swear to god, this freakin game has sent me to my limits with compatibility. Im so ready to dump ATI for this reason alone. Im running a HD2900 series card, and its hard to break 100fps in battles. Thats with a dual core athalon 3800xp and 4 gigs of ram...... Will Nvidia make that much of a differance??
  3. Ok, I fixed my problem. Apon loading the game i got the network connection error display. Clicking OK on that would still let me load the game. Once in the game at the brigade screen the game would freeze. SOLUTION = :Roll back lastest Radeon drivers........seems playnet would get grumpy co-existing with these latest drivers.
  4. I get the same message....than load screen, then gameplay home screen, but game freezes. This blows. I just resubbed a couple days ago.
  5. I get really bad sound crackling when explsions are near me, or if im flying certain planes. Anyone have this same problem or have a potential fix? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Yes, this problem is limited to WWIIonline only. I can blast my speakers to music all day long with no crackling or distortion. When in game though if flak is nailing a depot building or tank shelling is going on, my speakers sound like there blown. I almost have to mute my sound during big battles. Do the RATS read these forums? I would really appreciate some help with this. Im using an Audigy2 card with the last drivers.
  7. Im getting horrible crackling with 1.28 in any vehicle and during explosions. I had all the settings suggestions except the "infrequant ambient sounds" so i'll try that and update this thread.
  8. Same for me. I was actually checking this forum for the same reason.
  9. build one.....its cheap. Id also recommend XP over Vista. Vista is really slow and takes a really high end machine to run it.
  10. Dont be upset, but i would replace the whole machine... Celerons are bottum of the barrell....not to mention IMO you should at bare minimum have atleast 1gig of RAM.
  11. thanks for the update....i'll try this out.
  12. OK i got a dual core 3800 AMD athlon K9N Neo motherboard 1.5gigs of memory Asus EN7300GS video card "pci express" tried every trick in this thread and nothing worked...only getting 20 fps when spawning on the airfield. Havnt even attempted going inf yet. Can someone please help. Im almost ready to go back to my P4 2.8 with a gig of ddr1 ramm and my x800 ati card.....