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  1. I was 46
  2. S! from a Day 0 subber!!
  3. Glad to see another Day 0 (or as I call it, D-Day Subber) in the forums! S! [Edit - WOW, many D-Day Subbers on this thread!! SSS!!!!]
  4. Nice to see the passion in here...
  5. Ts is a MUST folks. IF you aren't using it, what are you doing? [jumps on soap box] Get a good set of headphones with a mic. Now you have 5.1 surround and can hear everyone without the background noise when you mic up.
  6. Thanks for the response.
  7. I just re-subbed and my squad of 8 years, none of them have been on in the past 3 nights! I fear they are all dead (hehe), or just not playing anymore? Anyone?
  8. Yea, I see the thread...but I have a beasty Quad-Core so that wont help... PLUS, every search in Google says the Quad Core family plus Win7 Enterprise doesn't need such a patch....guess I am hosed. dual core install no help, in-fact I didn't wanna do it. NO other software has been installed on my PC. I love it how things just break all by themselves. Looks like i fixed it on my OC'ing the CPU, lmao. Worked on the German side...anyway. I just tried it to see if it worked. I feel all dirty now tho
  9. You add the Americans and now when I log into the game it scrolls thru night to dawn to day to dusk to night, rinse - repeat. All in about 2 seconds which makes the game unplayable. Nothing has changed on my end....I played fine until the servers were "maintained" and the Americans were added. No repro steps....nothing has changed on my end and it worked fine 2 days ago and fine since I came back last week. Setup is below in my sig. How do you people play the game like this??
  10. Love to come, but I'm on call the next weekend. Damn software companies!
  11. Worked like a charm for me...thanks btw, i can see all the shadows and effect from the lighting now. S! I love my new rig!!
  12. Good, the puke..
  13. sounds good, use the Performace setting in WWIIOL...u should be ok for another 6 mos or more. This game devs at a snails no rush
  14. You see the specs below..which is above what the Rats "stongly recommend" Clean copy of XP... No need to post my DIAG... Any reason why? all settings set to lowest possible in-game... Also, why do I run a NetCheck to find my "pings" are below 30...but yet in-game they read over 100...lmfao at this game!!! I LOVE IT!!