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  1. I might have to make a comeback also. Missed playing the game. not sure how much time I can put in but definitely fun to get back out there.
  2. 3d settings did it, my 3d would kick on, disabled it and went back up to 120+ on offline mode
  3. Let me try it out!
  4. Hey, I play the game on a Asus G74SX laptop, when I came back I was hitting in the 100's at the fb's and 50's in towns, for some reason now everywhere I go I'm at 29-30 fps. Now this isnt really a complaint more then a is anyone else experiencing this? heavy street fight, empty FB, Binocs... all stay around the 30fps mark lemme know. No big deal, just dont know if I clicked something to jam it that way.
  5. Yeah, I just took a look at the NVidea post in this section and got a decent boost in FPS also. Smooth as butter at the moment so hopefully it stays that way for a while.
  6. Yeah after playing in busy towns, make that 30 to 50 with the mixed bags of setting, higher settings was around 20 to 30. Still pretty decent, if it stays like this for a while I'll be happy
  7. Not sure if there's still a section that covers laptops but I just made my way back in after a little break. I got a G74SX as a new laptop and it runs the game pretty easy with everything on and I get around 60 fps in town to 100+ in other places If anyone has questions feel free to ask away.
  8. I'm still running with my G1 pretty decent, getting a blue screen of death here and there but nothing crazy Any laptop getting real decent frame rates ? I might switch back to a desktop if I cant find something that will rock this game Or wait for the patch ?
  9. I saw that too earlier and couldnt figure it out so I just took it as the rats messing with us lol
  10. So I run the game on my Asus G1, now I understand that it's not a new laptop and that running it on wireless and so on but after a little break I come back, install, play all night, super! Yesterday I install Teamspeak again to chat with the squaadies and play 10 minutes, Bam blue screen of death, start again, start Teamspeak, start game, log in, BAM blue screen of death, repeat Bam 3 times in a row At this point I'm ready to toss the game and the laptop out the window so I just restart the game to say buy to the guys and I'll try to get a new computer and the game runs fine, played the rest of the night with 40 fps in town and give or take 80 at the FB's and ran fine Anyone have a problem running Teamspeak and the game at the same time ? I'm assuming it's a resource problem but just wondering if anyone had this happen. Thanks
  11. In your sound card setting make sure your setting is on software and not hardware. My computer did the exact same when I came back in game and I have realtek audio also. Try that see if it fixes it, allot of guy's are starting to get this for some reason I got 5$ say's that fixes it.
  12. I forgot to add that yes I also did switch to software instead of hardware for my sound, I'm running realtek mb audio also.
  13. lol I had to double take your tread I just posted the smae exact title a couple of weeks back lol Mine busted me up pretty good and I had to re install windows from one of the errors I finally got. If you checked the compability to run in windows 95 screen that might have done it. I checked it since we use to do that but I was advised not to do it and sure enough now it's not doing it. I use a saitek EVO and it's runnig good right now. Make sure you defrag and get as much clutter out of the system tray and stuff like that. see if that helps
  14. So dont know if this happend to anyone but my wwiiol was holding up at shutdown and wouldnt close unless I used task manager to close it. I solved the issue by unchecking the windows 95 compability mode box. Not sure if it happend to anyone else but that's how I fixed mine. And voila The end