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  1. XP didn't distinguish because it was 32 bit. Get out of XP mode on you win10 laptop and install the game in Win10. S!
  2. Dang, where did DOC hide the keys? Still Locked.. Locksmith maybe?
  3. When I get that message, I just click OK , then Play and the game loads.
  4. S! Mlose Agreed sounds like something going on with connection. Does it create any error logs?
  5. IIRC they have to be in game for it to work... S!
  6. Most laptops don't support adding a video card. They either come with the nominal intel graphics or they have a ATI or NVIDIA chipset built in along side the Intel. S!
  7. Just downloaded and installed Beta, sadly multi-crew is still broke..lagging all over the place. Will this be fixed or as Doc comments indicate below, be removed from game.. No need in having multiple accounts for multicrew it would seem. Just asking? S!
  8. Has this made it onto the list yet, 2nd account up soon, no need if not fixed ?
  9. This your problem: Renderer: Intel® HD Graphics Family C++ Exception: class std::bad_alloc 'bad allocation' at address 761EB9BC OS-Version: 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3) 0x300-0x1 [761EB9BC] (KERNELBASE): : RaiseException. I'm surprised it loaded the game as far as it did, onboard video is not supported by the game. Does this computer have a Nvidia or AMD chipset also? S!
  10. I was getting zeke's error this weekend, but recieved 2 emails saying a test tonight and I get this:
  11. Yep getting No Registry Entries and it closes.
  12. Video and Engine are OpenGL IIRC, sound is DX. S!
  13. ATI/AMD has always had issues with OpenGL Games with their videocards. S!
  14. Same Seconded Sucks S!
  15. Getting Same Thing, server having issues