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  1. S!. Oh The Fun Times. Thank You all for the Kind Words . I am about half way through a Dark Side Cleansing, Extended Version (Gawd) per Dambuster's CoC. Should I survive and pass my HE-111 to DB-7 Conversion Mastery Test, we will see you Soon.
  2. We can only Dream and Hope. /signed
  3. When I get that message, I just click OK , then Play and the game loads.
  4. S! Mlose Agreed sounds like something going on with connection. Does it create any error logs?
  5. IIRC they have to be in game for it to work... S!
  6. Most laptops don't support adding a video card. They either come with the nominal intel graphics or they have a ATI or NVIDIA chipset built in along side the Intel. S!
  7. This your problem: Renderer: Intel® HD Graphics Family C++ Exception: class std::bad_alloc 'bad allocation' at address 761EB9BC OS-Version: 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3) 0x300-0x1 [761EB9BC] (KERNELBASE): : RaiseException. I'm surprised it loaded the game as far as it did, onboard video is not supported by the game. Does this computer have a Nvidia or AMD chipset also? S!
  8. Video and Engine are OpenGL IIRC, sound is DX. S!
  9. ATI/AMD has always had issues with OpenGL Games with their videocards. S!
  10. Same Seconded Sucks S!
  11. No I hate it too. Hopefully it will get fixed Soon.
  12. Firewall?
  13. Sorry Bloo, Uninstall and removed everything BattleGround Europe related: Ran all antivirus and cleaners Re-downloaded the 1.34.9 install. Still get error message, but can click thru and load game no problem, some Players apparently can't though This error started after the 1.34.8 patch. I have another computer same specs that did not do the patch, but downloaded the full install and is on the same network, no error message. Guess I will have to reload windows to get rid of the error on this computer. At least it didn't reformat my HDD! S!